Xiao Zhan’s "Red Sea", 1005 roses dominate the market, but fans have broken their promises

Xiao Zhan’s “Red Sea”, 1005 roses dominate the market, but fans have broken their promises

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Chasing stars is a yearning and a sustenance. Will regard idols as the best people, and will give the idols the best support within their abilities.

But in fact, there is no “best person” in this world. All preferences are due to liking. For example: “Little Fei Xia” vs. Xiao Zhan.

Outside the “Dream of Dreams” performance hall, is the “Red Sea” given to Xiao Zhan. 1005 roses dominate the field, but the fans broke their promise.

Xiao Zhan’s cheering color is red. Once in a sea of ​​lanterns, Xiao Zhan tried to find his own light card. Now fans have created an exclusive “Red Sea” for Xiao Zhan, with him in the center of the stage and light all around.

Because of more and more restrictions, the support lights are rejected in many activities, so the “Red Sea” blooms less frequently.

Recently, Xiao Zhan participated in the drama “Dream Like a Dream”. On the day of the performance, there was a “Red Sea” outside the venue. It’s just that this time it’s not a light sign, but a rose.

On the day of the performance of “Dream Like a Dream”, many bouquets were sent to the scene. Among them, there are many bouquets for Xiao Zhan, and the program groups who have cooperated with Xiao Zhan sent flower baskets one after another.

In fact, seeing the flower baskets at the scene, the fans’ first feeling is happy and moved. Because after the storm, there are still so many people who can ignore the rumors and brazenly support Xiao Zhan.

With such a bouquet, more and more fans are starting to move around. Although he may not have won the tickets for “Dream of Dreams”, I still want to support him in a different way.

As a result, clusters of bouquets appeared outside the venue, and most of them were red roses. There is also a bunch of red roses that can be called “dominant”, a total of 1005.

As we all know, the number “1005” is composed of Xiao Zhan’s birthday. It is of great significance to fans, and it is reflected in many of Xiao Zhan’s support.

The bouquet of 1005 roses this time is really surprising. In the sea of ​​flowers, it must be the most eye-catching one. I believe Xiao Zhan will see it too, and then smiled knowingly, and said: “Stupid girls.”

In the bouquets outside the venue, even if they were not red roses, they were all red flowers, because they were the “Red Sea” dedicated to Xiao Zhan.

However, not all fans who send flowers are contributing to the “Red Sea”, and some fans have broken their promises. Not only did I not buy red roses, but the bouquets I gave were not red at all.

But don’t think too much. It’s not that fans have changed their hearts, but that fans really can’t buy red flowers!

It turned out that all the flower shops around the “Dream of Dreams” venue, the red roses and all the red flowers, were sold out!

The abilities of “Peter Pan” are obvious to all. All the time, as long as you support Xiao Zhan, everyone has never been soft. For example, the goods brought by Xiao Zhan, new endorsements, and the newspapers that reported on Xiao Zhan were all robbed by fans.

Now in the matter of sending flowers, I once again see the ability of fans. There are so many red flowers from so many flower shops around, not one left! In the end, the fans had no choice but to choose other flowers, and they loved and hated the sisters who grabbed them.

Fans who are quick to act are contributing to Xiao Zhan’s “Red Sea”; fans who are slow to act will have no choice but to break their promise.

However, for Xiao Zhan, every flower from “Peter Pan”, whether it is a red rose or a red flower, he likes it.

Moreover, Xiao Zhan felt the fans’ preference for him.


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