Xiao Zhan took the initiative to kiss Li Qin, showing his gentlemanly demeanor, netizens shouted Wang Dalu: learn quickly

Xiao Zhan took the initiative to kiss Li Qin, showing his gentlemanly demeanor, netizens shouted Wang Dalu: learn quickly

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The recent national dramas have been improving, and “His Royal Highness Wolf”, which has been fixed for a long time, has finally been broadcast. The cast of His Royal Highness Wolf is also very interesting. The talented Li Qin paired with the popular zodiac war and Wang Dalu, this combination alone is very eye-catching. Many audiences are heading for Xiao Zhan. After all, his momentum is really booming recently, and he immediately brought the show’s popularity to it.

In this play, the heroes and heroines are Wang Dalu and Li Qin, and Xiao Zhan is the second male, but there is a very impressive episode in the play. That’s the kiss scene between Xiao Zhan and Li Qin. What do you say about this kiss scene? It can only be said that the kiss is very real but lacks meaning. The scenes of this kissing scene are drawn very close, giving people an immersive feeling, but in the scenes the two people only touched mouth-to-mouth, and there was no next movement.

If you follow the usual TV drama routines, the kiss scene should naturally be more emotional. The two people feel more like an accident, and make people look a little bit stiff. Close-up shots like this must be true relatives, but in this matter, you can also see Xiao Zhan’s respect for the actress. In contrast, Wang Dalu’s kissing skills are slightly tough. Most of the kiss scenes in the play are strong kisses, which can be regarded as a domineering and romantic style. The “tree dong” plot in the play also attracted many netizens. By imitation, Xiao Zhan’s kisses seem to be more gentlemen in comparison.

Everyone should have started from the show “Chen Qingling” before entering Xiao Zhan’s pit. Before Xiao Zhan was not very popular when he was a boy group group. It was his acting skills that made him a wave of fans. Of course, this is also inseparable from his own efforts. Every excellent work has been honed many times. Only after experiencing polishing can he go on in a firm form. Xiao Zhan’s current achievements are precisely because of past precipitation, which proves how good he is. Fans have also been firmly by his side, using the Red Sea to express their support for him. I hope Xiao Zhan can go further and better in the future.


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