Xiao Zhan regained the favor of big brothers, Ju Jingyi quarreled to terminate the contract, Li Qin dropped coffee, Tang Xiaotian's romance was exposed

Xiao Zhan regained the favor of big brothers, Ju Jingyi quarreled to terminate the contract, Li Qin dropped coffee, Tang Xiaotian’s romance was exposed

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Xiao Zhan

Xiao Zhan’s popularity among passers-by has temporarily rebounded. He has made all-out efforts this year, and he is indeed lucky. The resources of endorsements and other aspects have also allowed him to quickly return to blood. Sister Gua said before that Xiao Zhan is a young niche valued by the Goose Factory faction. As long as there is room for a turnaround, the Goose Factory must take great pains to support him. This year’s film and television resources have allocated him very well. Recently, Xiao Zhan has many invitations for endorsement resources. In addition to those officially announced, there are also endorsement resources for high-profile brands and fashion brands, such as Mou Niu, Mou Ya and so on.

Ju Jingyi

Ju Jingyi spent a lot of thought on publicity. Whether it’s red or black, the traffic is all in hand. She is also a very good female artist in the company. Other contemporaries or younger generations have not been able to get her step. Ju Jingyi has a lot of resources for film and television drama invitations. Although they are all small-cost IP network drama production books, the role of the heroine is appropriate. Ju Jingyi’s price is not low, and she has secured a seven-figure number for a play. In addition, she also has some variety shows or commercial endorsements and other resources, and her own share of eight figures in one year. She and the company are talking about contract renewal, and I really want to jump out and choose a more powerful backer.

Li Qin

Li Qin is regarded as a second-tier artist in the industry, and his coffee rank is not high or low. At this stage, traffic and word of mouth are supporting, and his position is not very stable. Her military drama was originally a remake of Bangzi’s popular works. It’s a bit difficult to go through the trial. After all, the domestic control of this theme is very strict, let alone our mainland screenwriters who are not talented and can’t write it, or it’s If the director is not good enough, it can’t be filmed, but if it is done, it will not be able to pass the trial and broadcast. A sentence that affects the image of the person can make this movie pornographic. The drama starring Li Qin has been undergoing rectification, and on several occasions it was hard to get the schedule, but some details were not done well and it was retired. Li Qin is okay for the time being, and has not caused his own resource level to drop because of the pressure in his hands.

Tang Xiaotian

Some media photographed Tang Xiaotian behaving intimately with a woman, but at that time Tang Xiaotian not only smoked but also spitted everywhere. I thought everyone was paying attention to his relationship issues, but I didn’t expect everyone to complain about his smoking and spitting, and the idol drama filter was broken. He later apologized for these behaviors, but did not mention the relationship issue. Before this, everyone thought this girl was Xing Fei, because they had been together before, which caused Tang Xiaotian to be misunderstood and cheated. In fact, they broke up a long time ago, and the studio explained that the woman was just a staff member. But because he doesn’t have any fans, this is a case where the house collapsed and there were no casualties.

A Huang, a handsome Hong Kong scumbag, also has an outside girlfriend who is engaged in jewellery.

Xinjiang Meiyan Sizi will send a wave of drafts to pull Dawanwan Sizi, but these two appearances are indeed not on the same level.


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