Xiao Zhan can make a successful comeback this time. First, he still has several projects. Second, does he have a background?
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Xiao Zhan can make a successful comeback this time. First, he still has several projects. Second, does he have a background?

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Yang Youning

On August 23, Yang Youning posted a news on Weibo, posting a picture of a cake with the picture “It’s a girl! We got a baby girl!”, announcing that she was pleased to love her~

In May, You-Ning Yang had already posted on Weibo, announcing that he and his fiancée will enter the next stage of life and will be promoted to be parents. Now even the sex of the child is determined. Calculated based on the pregnancy time, there must be three or four months. , You-Ning Yang’s baby is about to be born, and the two seem to be really happy!

You-Ning Yang and his fiancee have been dating for several years. The media has taken photos of the two walking hand in hand before. The fiancee also met Yang You-ning’s mother a few years ago and was approved by the parents. Now the two of them have achieved positive results. A matter of course.

When it comes to Yang Youning, many people will inevitably think of the part between him and Guo Caijie. After all, when the two people were in love, they were really sweet. The outside world once praised them as the golden girl and the girl, but the fact is that this is unexpected. , The real Yang Youning is not the “good little wolf dog” image he showed in the past!

You-Ning Yang is very good at playing. When he came to the mainland to develop, his career was down for a while. In order to make money, he started a sideline to make extra money, and this sideline he was engaged in was actually a “rich woman”!

At that time, Yang Youning had a good figure and a decent appearance. He was a “little wolf dog” and was naturally loved by rich women. Actress Dayuer has also kept Yang Youning in captivity for a period of time. At that time, when two people were Qingqing, I and I, Dayuer was very good to Yang Youning and spent money on each other, but then something happened to Dayuer, and Yang Youning was afraid of being embarrassed and cheated. Da Yuer ran away after a sum of money, and Da Yuer did not pursue the matter out of her love for the little wolfdogs. Now the two of them ran into activities occasionally, and they would meet in the hotel to have fun.


Jay Chou

Recently, Jay Chou posted his old photos of himself 20 years ago on social platforms. In the photos, Jay is young and handsome, with clean temperament, and still staying at an age when he can eat on his face. It is really impressive to see.

The King of Heaven has been in business for so many years. It can be said that he has been a great success in his career. It has long been a memory of a generation. In recent years, his “milk tea stem” has also gone out of the circle. Because of the good fortune, the appearance and figure of the King are far away. It’s not as good as when I was young, but the milk tea Xiaogongju doesn’t care about this. How I drank milk tea in the past, I still drink milk tea now.

The relationship between the heavenly king and the current heavenly king’s wife is pretty good. The heavenly king’s wife is very obedient and does not dare to be careful in front of the heavenly king. Even if she is careful, it is within the control of the heavenly king and does not dare to overstep the rules. The most fundamental reason for fancy her. In recent years, for the development of her career, the wife of the heavenly king has been deliberately marketing the two loving couples, putting gold on her face in the name of the heavenly king. The heavenly king thinks that the heavenly wife is obedient in daily life. Also acquiesced to these practices of the Heavenly King’s Wife.

However, don’t look at the apparent love and affection of the two, but in fact, the king did not steal food in private. He often dated tender models and internet celebrities behind his back, and the king was very cautious. Every time he was dating, They will all go abroad and are rarely caught by the media. In this regard, the Heavenly King’s wife neither dared to be angry nor spoke.

In fact, as early as when the heavenly king and the heavenly wife were in love, the nature of the heavenly king had already been revealed. At that time, when he changed his head, he had intervened in the relationship between the heavenly king and the heavenly wife, and had a kick with the heavenly king. , But the king thinks that the woman who changes her head is very scheming, so she shakes her head and changes her head after getting tired of playing.


Xiao Zhan

Recently, Reuters photos of Xiao Zhan’s new drama have been exposed. In the photos that came out, Xiao Zhan looks like a green soldier and is full of heroic spirit. Emmm, needless to say, this hot search is just a purchase. Since his comeback, Xiao Zhan’s frequency of hot searches is still quite high. Two days ago, he did not have a hot search with a snippet of Beijing snacks. Search, this time on hot search again, the comeback is quite big!

And his fans, as always, have already opened the control comment mode, and they praised their brother in the comment area, and all kinds of self-heel.

Xiao Zhan can make a successful comeback this time. First, he still has several projects. In order to ensure that he does not lose money, the capital side can only withstand external pressure and push Xiao Zhan to test the waters to come back. At least this part of the capital has to wait until there is something about it. After Xiao Zhan’s project returns to its original value, he will completely abandon Xiao Zhan.

The second reason why Xiao Zhan was able to return was because he secretly caught up with a powerful gold master during this period of time.

Since an accident at the beginning of the year and several comebacks were sniped, Xiao Zhan sold tragic fans on the one hand, and at the same time began to participate in dinners with the gold masters, looking for the support of big men. In particular, there is a very powerful person from Beijing circle around Xiao Zhan. This person has a lot of friendship with several ceiling-level bosses in Beijing circle. With the matchmaking of this person and the recommendation of Beijing circle bosses, Xiao Zhan finally found a gold master who is willing to pay for him. With this gold master, Xiao Zhan can get the resources of the drama and officially come back to the whitewash.


Yi Nengjing

On the afternoon of the 23rd, Yi Nengjing published a small essay on Weibo, a long talk about her experience and feelings in the “lover” group, focusing on complimenting Li Sidani, saying that she was very happy during this group, and also praising her sisters for their sense of responsibility and A sense of team honor.

A small essay looks very sensational, and it makes people very moving~

In fact, to be honest, when I saw Yi Nengjing and the members of “Sister Lang” on the hot search together, the first reaction of Master Yu was actually that this sister has not retired?

After participating in “Lang Sister”, Yi Nengjing’s reputation completely collapsed. In the early stage, she could rely on her husband Qin Hao to promote a wave of enthusiasm for herself, but since some of the clips of her relying on the old and selling old in the show came out, She was complained by the outside world. In particular, she accused Wang Zhi and Wang Likun of not being able to teach anything, and the practice of judging Anita Mui’s views on marriage and feelings during her lifetime according to her own thoughts made her criticized by netizens.

After that, Qin Hao decisively dismissed Yi Nengjing and stopped marketing with Yi Nengjing, and Yi Nengjing also contacted the later stage of the “Sister Lang” program group and asked to help herself whitewash. The program team of “Lang Jie” actually wanted to kick her out, but Yi Nengjing was backed by the gold master’s father (that is, a certain lady cream). When the gold master’s father spoke, the program team had no choice but to help Yi Nengjing clean up. Secretly poking at Yi Nengjing.

However, Yi Nengjing should quit in the end. The final debut list of “Lang Jie” is almost set. The current list of reliable groups does not include Yi Nengjing. And after all, Yi Nengjing’s age is there, so it is really not very suitable for her to form a group.


Pure flower

In yesterday’s essay, Yu Ye told everyone that in order to save her daughter, Qingchun Xiaohua, together with the wealthy overseas woman Wenjing, begged to meet Wenjing’s husband Jin Sanye. Originally, Qingchun Xiaohua didn’t hold much hope for Jin Sanye, and then it made people appreciate. Unexpectedly, Jin Sanye actually made an incredible request-he instructed Qingchun Xiaohua to return to her ex-husband’s family and seduce her ex-father…

What is going on? Everything has to start with the innocent Xiaohua’s former father-in-law She!

In the previous installments, Ye Ye mentioned that the old man She was a Dato of the White Horse country, who was in a circle of power and nobility. In the past, his family power should not be underestimated. In the early years, the She family and the Jin family (that is, Wen Jing’s husband) Home) used to be the two powerful families in the grape state of the White Horse country. They joined forces to resist the power of the powerful circle in the Kyoto region of the White Horse country and evenly divided the power of the powerful circle in the grape state. The most important reason.

Later, the eldest of the Jin family, that is, Uncle Jin inherited the power of the family’s words and affairs, while at the end of the She family, it was Master She who took over the burden of the family. Master She was ambitious, and his mind was to be patriarchal, and to break into the circle of power. world.

It’s just that although the old man She is ambitious, he himself has little ability. Since he took over the power of the She family, he has made wrong judgments on several major events in the power circle in the grape state, which has shaken She. The foundation of the family’s foothold, the status of the family’s position in the circle of power is gradually declining, and is gradually replaced by upstarts. Even the official position of Master She “Datuk” was donated by him~

Over the years, despite the fact that She’s family is still showing off its strength to the outside world, but in fact, their family is gold and jade on the outside, and defeat on the inside. There is only one empty shelf left.

On the other side, the Jin family’s person, Uncle Jin, is quite good at standing in line and can accurately judge the situation in the circle of power. After years of hard work, he has led the entire family to work hard. Slowly, the She family and the Jin family are two big families. The state of balance was broken, and the Jin family became more prestigious in the grape state.

In the face of this situation, Master She has always been unwilling to die. Over the years, he has been secretly making waves, trying to change his fate against the sky. He also regards the former family of the Jin family as a thorn in the eye and a thorn in the flesh, thinking that it is the existence of the Jin family. The way to the top of She’s family.

In the end, Master She became jealous, and he hit the Shijiao Jin family with the idea of ​​helping the family stand up! That’s right, Master She intends to introduce the power of the wealthy circle in the Kyoto area into the grape state, in order to suppress the Jin family.

Soon afterwards, Master She went around pooling money to worship the pier, and various plans, so within a few years, the power of the wealthy circle in the Kyoto area gradually infiltrated the grape state (after Qingchun Xiaohua came to the internal entertainment, the reason why Master She forced her To make money, she is forcing her to move closer to the powers in the inland power circle in order to achieve her various ambitions).

The Jin family was attacked by Master She and the powerful circles from Kyoto, and it also suffered a lot of dark losses.

Based on this, the principals of the Jin family such as Jin Daye and Jin Sanye began to look for ways to deal with Master She~

And the pure flowers are automatically delivered to the door at this time, isn’t it just like the Jin family intended?

It is precisely because of this that Jin Sanye proposed to let Qingchun Xiaohua seduce his former father-in-law, Master She. He also brainwashed Pure Xiaohua, and asked Pure Xiaohua to be the internal response, which completely subverted the She family and completely solved his own suffering. Rescued his daughter.

And after learning about the seriousness of this matter, the prostitute did not hesitate to sell Innocent Xiaohua, Innocent Xiaohua, after experiencing so many ups and downs, she also secretly hated her ex-husband’s family, and agreed. Jin Sanye’s idea.

After the incident, Jin Sanye sent someone to set up a meal, set up a beauty plan, and arranged pure Xiaohua to be a companion at the meal, waiting for Master She to take the bait.

On Master She’s side, he is indeed a distracted person. After being entangled in love by someone, he actually started to deal with his former daughter-in-law, Pure Flower. The two of them were half awake and half drunk. Passionate sports… and the indecent photos of Qingchun Xiaohua and her ex-father-in-law doing sports were taken completely by the people on Jin Sanye’s side!

Being designed in this way, how would Master She revenge Qingchun Xiaohua? What consequences will this indecent photo bring to Qingchun Xiaohua? How did Jin Sanye use Pure Little Flower to completely subvert the She family?

Like, watch, and share three consecutive waves, Master Yu will decide whether to continue to open the next wonderful anecdote according to everyone’s enthusiasm for eating melons!


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