Xiang Sixing apologizes and crying video is fake, the real identity is Zheng Yue, the young lady was wronged

Xiang Sixing apologizes and crying video is fake, the real identity is Zheng Yue, the young lady was wronged

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Recently, the biggest melon in the entertainment industry is the incident of the Internet celebrity Xiang Sixing pedaling multiple boats, which ruined the three views.

First, on the 14th, a 65-page long article accused a number of female Internet celebrities of cheating, hiding her boyfriend’s engagement with the rich second generation, and sending her boyfriend to the police station after being captured at the engagement banquet.

Public opinion was in an uproar.

Subsequently, the female internet celebrity Xiang Sixing issued a statement on social platforms to refute the rumors: the recent spread of rumors that slander me is not true! Contesting with a pile of shit will only make the incident worse.

And afterwards, he exposed a thousand-word long essay, the content of which was to justify himself.

But on April 16, a video of Xiang Sixing crying and apologizing was circulated on various platforms, including many official fans who forwarded the video, which immediately led netizens across the country.

In the video, the woman wore a white hat and painted delicate makeup. She was crying while talking, bluntly saying she was wrong and sorry for her mother.

Speaking of sadness, covering his face, crying bitterly, sobbing intermittently, “I think I’m too much, I sometimes feel” and so on.

The editor watched this video carefully, and his face was dumbfounded, and I felt very confused.

Not to mention that the female Internet celebrities threatened all netizens to excuse themselves the day before; the next day they immediately realized their mistakes. This attitude has changed so quickly.

The second is that the content of the apology is also wrong. How to say it is “sorry mom or something”, and there is no response to the 65-page PPT.

Carefully sort out the video of the apology, search the evaluation of various gods on the Internet, and videos from previous years.

It can finally be confirmed that this video is fake.


The real identity of the crying woman in the video is Zheng Yue, a second-year student of the female idol group GNZ248.

It is also a beautiful woman properly.

This video is from the live broadcast of the women’s group when Zheng Yue participated in the GNZ248 performance in 2018 and left.

In the real video, the white hat worn by the woman and the scene in the room are exactly the same as the video of the apology of the female Internet celebrity Xiang Sixing.

The complete video has 16 minutes.

In the video, Zheng Yue expressed regret when she left the women’s group, and also expressed that she did not care about some things that happened at home during that time.

Perhaps thinking of the sad things at home, Zheng Yue was so sad that he sobbed.

She expressed her apologies to her mother and did not spend time with her family, hoping to go back and take good care of her parents.

I hope I can grow up and face the difficulties in life.

The appearance of Ewha with rain is also distressing.

But this seems to have nothing to do with the female sea king Xiang Sixing.

The so-called Xiang Sixing’s apology is vain, and the female Internet celebrity is still very strong. She thinks that Zhang Kefeng is mentally ill, and the relationship with her was contrived by the ceo himself.

At the same time of clarification, I also reminded all the gods on the Internet to carefully keep their eyes open, do not spread rumors, and do not spread rumors; netizens are cautious about eating melons and don’t be led astray.


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