Xi unexpectedly met the Chief of the Hong Kong Special District, demanding an end to the violence

Xi unexpectedly met the chief of the Hong Kong Special District, demanding an end to the violence

Chinese President Xi Jinping praised the leadership and effort of Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam during a surprise meeting in Shanghai, despite violent protests that took place under the management of grandmother.

Xinhua news agency reported that Xi has also asked Ms. Lam to make "non-stop efforts" to end violence at the Asian financial center and to punish offenders "in order to protect protect the quality of life for all people in Hong Kong ”.

Hong Kong is in its fifth straight month of anti-government protests, stemming from a controversial extradition bill. Unrest has pushed the region into a recession and has severely damaged the city's tourism industry.

The two leaders unexpectedly met in Shanghai on November 4

Last month, the Chinese government dismissed rumors that it intended to deprive Ms. Lam of leadership from early 2020, citing dissatisfaction with the way she handled the protests.

During a meeting with Ms. Lam on November 4, Xi said that Hong Kong Chief Executive led his administration "to fulfill the duties, strive to stabilize the situation and improve the social context, and There have been remarkable efforts ”, according to Xinhua News Agency.

"Xi expresses a high degree of trust from the central government to Lam, and acknowledges all of her contributions and her leadership," the news agency said.

In addition to suppressing violence, Xi also called for more effective efforts to "hold dialogue with all sectors of society, and improve the quality of life of the people."

Xi and Lam are in Shanghai for the 2019 China International Import Exhibition event, where Xi is expected to have a speech on November 5. Both leaders had no announcement of the meeting before it took place.


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