Xi Mengyao comes back after childbirth and works with He Youjun to record a reality show
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Xi Mengyao comes back after childbirth and works with He Youjun to record a reality show

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The official announcement of “Happiness Trio”, the guest lineup He Youjun and Xi Mengyao are one of them, and they have become the biggest focus of this episode.

The beginning of the relationship between He Youjun and Xi Mengyao should be traced back to the 2018 variety show “The Jet Lag of Love”. It can be found that He Youjun was in the pursuit stage at that time. I heard that there were many different boys on the show who wanted to date Xi Mengyao, and He Youjun could not sit still. Without Xi Mengyao’s knowledge in the show, He Youjun took the initiative to waltz with Xi Mengyao in a mask. When He Youjun took off the mask, Xi Mengyao was surprised and happy. They also joked: “Are you trying to fix me!”, “Hurry up and ask your sister to take you away!”. The two agreed and identified, and their souls collided, and then their feelings heated up.

Although He Youjun has a prominent family background, he is willing to take part in variety shows with supermodel Xi Mengyao. He Youjun is 6 years younger than himself, but, with independent thought and broad vision, Xi Mengyao is deeply attracted by this charm that exudes from the inside out. The two were not favored by the outside world from the beginning, but they did not know that it was surprising that on May 13, 2019, they held a simple and solemn marriage proposal ceremony in Shanghai. From the picture, Xi Mengyao was already pregnant. In July, the two posted their marriage certificates on social platforms. In October, Xi Mengyao gave birth to the grandson of the gambling king at the Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital, named He Guangshen. As soon as this news came out, it became a good story.

Before marrying into a wealthy family, Xi Mengyao had already established a firm foothold in the modeling industry. In 2016, Xi Mengyao, Liu Wen, He Sui, and Sui Xiaowen were named China’s four supermodels. Not long after her debut, she attracted countless eyes and became Givenchy’s first Asian model. It was also the global headline news that year. Liu Wen, who became famous earlier than her, did not receive her treatment. She was also listed on the authoritative model website. She ranked 42nd among the top 50 supermodels and was the only Asian model on the Elie Saab show. Become the cover of “VOGUE”, “Fashion History” and “Manifesto”. It can be said to be all the way, really, a well-deserved supermodel.

Xi Mengyao has participated in the Victoria’s Secret Show for many consecutive years. Xi Mengyao, who has rich experience in T stage performances, has become an opportunity for her life to come back against the wind. The most eye-catching one was on the Victoria’s Secret T stage in 2017. He accidentally fell and caused an uproar on the hot search day after day. The screen was filled with countless fans. Today, although he has been married into the He family, Xi Mengyao is already one of the young forces that cannot be ignored in the modeling industry.

And the story of Xi Mengyao and He Youjun just confirms a passage in “Jane Eyre”: Love is a game, and we must always be equal and evenly matched with each other in order to continue to depend on each other forever. Because an opponent who is too strong is tiring, and an opponent who is too weak is tiring.

Xi Mengyao itself is shining and glowing, with its own flow, and does not need to rely on the other’s aura to set off herself. He and He Youjun have their own strengths and are independent of each other, so they attract each other. Now it is the wife of He’s family. Her identity is completely different from the previous supermodel. Her topic is constantly increasing. Her every move and every word and deed will be reported by the media, and her popularity has always been high.

The variety show “Trio of Happiness” records the real life status of couples in love and marriage. It sounds very interesting. Now, He Youjun and Xi Mengyao are participating together, and what everyone wants to know most is the real situation of Xi Mengyao’s treatment after he married into the He family. It is also the first time that Xi Mengyao participated in a variety show and returned to the screen after giving birth. Not only that, everyone can see the daily life pattern of the couple and how to show affection through this variety show. And will you share how your son He Guangshen grew up, and how does it feel to be a new mother?


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