Xbox Games Showcase: Extended – Microsoft plays overtime

E3 officially ended on Tuesday, June 15 with the Bandai Namco conference. Intervention which also essentially revolved around the last part of The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes. Although we think we will not see any more announcements before the Tokyo Games Show, a manufacturer still resists and offers us as what would say a last track everything. This is Xbox which, after giving us plenty of eyes with its release announcements as well as the imminent arrival of said games on the Game Pass, offers us here its Xbox Games Showcase: Extended.

So what more can we expect from Microsoft right now? Let’s be reasonable, we will surely not have the right to a second tour de force, E3 is well and truly over. Nevertheless, we were able to have access to some additional information on the content of this second presentation. And what we’re about to reveal to you could make your eyes shine! If there are many names that we were waiting for at this world conference and which did not show up, their presence at this event could well put some balm in our hearts.

  • 343 Industries is the studio to which we owe the Halo license. Although the title has already made its appearance, we can hope for new elements.
  • Double Fine Productions, with the game Psychonauts 2.
  • Ninja Theory, who had been conspicuous by his absence and that of Senua. No need to hide from you that we are impatiently awaiting news of this saga.
  • Obsidian Entertainment et The Outer Worlds 2
  • Playground Games and its amazing arcade game Forza Horizon 5.
  • Rare that will perhaps give us more information on season 3 of Sea Of Thieves and the imminent arrival of Captain Jack Sparrow.
  • World’s Edge and the timeless Age of Empire.

For now, it is impossible to predict what the content of this presentation will be. It is quite possible that no gameplay is presented and that it is only a succession of interviews of the various developers. However, we are of the opinion that any information is always good to take! To follow the Xbox Games Showcase Extended, you can directly watch it via Youtube and it will be broadcast today at 7 p.m. French time!


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