Wyoming Republicans reprimand Liz Cheney for voting impeachment of President Trump

Wyoming Republicans reprimand Liz Cheney for voting impeachment of President Trump

On February 6, the Wyoming Republican Party Committee voted to reprimand Rep. Liz Cheney because she agreed with the impeachment of President Donald Trump in the House of Representatives. The reprimand resolution also required Ms. Cheney to resign.

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The vote took place after only 11 minutes of debate with 66 votes in favor and 8 against the reprimand of Liz Cheney.

Teton County Republican Chairman Alex Muromcew, one of those who voted against, said the CH should not follow the leftist “boycott culture”, but if it does not agree with Ms. Cheney’s views. next year just don’t vote for her.

Meanwhile, reprimand advocates claim that Cheney’s impeachment vote went against the will of Wyoming voters, where President Trump won more than 70% of the vote in the November general election. They also said that the impeachment session in the House of Representatives recently did not follow due process without witnesses and defense attorneys and went too quickly, depriving Mr. Trump of the opportunity to defend himself.

The resolution blamed Ms. Cheney as stating that the riot at the Capitol was “instigated by the extremists of Antifa and the BLM” and that President Trump never called for violence during the Jan. 6 rally.

The resolution also recommended Ms. Cheney’s resignation, saying they plan to withhold future grants for her and that she must repay the Republican groups’ contributions spent on the campaign. her 2020 re-election.

After the impeachment vote in the House of Representatives, at least more than 10 Republican County committees passed Resolutions reprimanding Ms. Cheney before the vote on Feb. 6 across the state of Wyoming. Several candidates in the state announced the challenge of Ms. Cheney’s Congressman seat in 2022.

Ms. Cheney did not apologize for the Jan. 13 vote to impeach President Trump, saying it was an “act of conscience” she had to take.

In response to the Wyoming State Republican decision to reprimand, Ms. Cheney said: “I am honored to represent the people of Wyoming in Congress and will always fight for the issues that matter most to our state.”

“The most important of these is the defense of our Constitution and its freedoms. My impeachment ballot complies with the oath I made before the Constitution. The citizens of Wyoming know that this oath is not bent or yielded to politics or parties, ” Ms. Cheney continued.

Earlier last week, Republicans in the House voted 145-61 to allow Ms. Cheney to remain the Chair of the House Republican Conference, after she was defended by Kevin McCarthy.

Ms. Cheney is one of 10 Republican members in the House of Representatives who voted in favor of impeaching President Trump last month, and she is not the first person to be blamed by the local party establishment for doing so.

Last week, South Carolina State Republicans voted to reprimand Rep. Tom Rice for acting similarly to Cheney.

The Arizona Republican Party also rebuked Governor Doug Ducey, former Sen. Jeff Flake, and Cindy McCain for opposing President Trump’s attempt to clear up voter fraud issues in the election.

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