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# WWDC19: What's hot at the Apple event next week?

WWDC is an annual event for Apple programmers, users like our brothers are interested in the opening presentation event because this is where Apple introduces hardware and software. This year we will definitely have new iOS 13, macOS 10.15 and test right after this presentation is over. In terms of hardware, we can match the Mac Pro with a completely new design. Next week Exquisite will also livestream this event, brother.

iOS 13

iOS 13 is expected to be a relatively large upgrade in terms of interface, first it will have system-wide dark mode, a true black theme and you don't need to take advantage of the visually impaired mode. Black interface is also available. Black interface in addition to the cool story, it also saves battery on iPhone X, XS, XS Max with OLED screen, but the level of savings is not much.

iOS 13 also has a built-in mode that allows you to use your iPad as a secondary monitor for your Mac without buying an external app. Some multitasking improvements are also expected to appear to help iPad users do more.

Applications Mail, Map, Home, Reminders will also be updated, fixed and changed the interface here and there for more convenience.

If nothing changes, immediately after the WWDC 2019 opening ceremony takes place about 1 hour, we can experience iOS 13 Beta on our phones.

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macOS 10.15

macOS now as well as Windows, the general interface has been stable, updates will mainly add small utilities only. The connection between the phone and the Mac will probably be a much talked about thing at WWDC 2019 this year. We can also expect that many iOS apps will also be brought to Mac as Screen Time to monitor computer time, iMessage effect, Siri Shortcut …

There is also information about a new set of frameworks that Apple will officially introduce in WWDC 2019 to allow programmers to write apps macOS and iOS more conveniently, just write once and run both places.

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New Mac hardware

The Mac Pro 2019 is the most anticipated product at WWDC 2019 because last year Apple promised that at this time they would unveil their new professional computer instead of the "trash" Mac Pro model. The module design is easy to replace, upgrade components and of course is very strong because it targets people who design, process images, models, 3D, run heavy calculations …

iMac Pro is also a machine that can be upgraded this year with a newer configuration, better GPU …

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watchOS 6

Besides iOS and macOS, Apple will also update its watchOS to the new version. Without much information about this update, we only know that Apple is trying to make Apple Watch work more independently of the iPhone. Some improvements in sports features are also something to look forward to.

Things will not be available during the WWDC event

  • iPhone: September has just been released, don't get excited now
  • iPad: New release in October
  • New MacBook: also launched in October, at the same time, refreshing the configuration only
  • New Apple Watch: also waiting for September

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