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# WWDC19: Summarize everything Apple introduced at last night's event

Sleeping for a night in the evening is real, and in order not to be the first person to invite you to see this article to capture everything that Apple has released last night: iOS 13, iPadOS, Mac Pro completely new price , new watchOS and some features to enhance privacy for users.

iOS 13

This is a pretty big upgrade with a new "dark mode" interface. This interface is darker than the existing dark mode on macOS, imagining it is a bit like the black tone of Facebook Messenger. In addition, system apps have been upgraded:

  • Apple Maps will be more detailed, with the Look Around 360-degree mode like the Street View of Google Maps
  • Photos application has new lighting options, allowing cropping as well as color filming for videos.
  • Messages will support new features for Memoji animated images, such as customizing hair, lipstick, earrings, makeup …
  • Health app adds monitoring for people or cycling and has a function to monitor the environment volume and headphone volume to evaluate the user's "hearing health".
  • Reminders have some extra tasks every day, add a toolbar to add time, place, label types, images … to insert in notes
  • There are bilingual English – Vietnamese dictionaries built into the operating system for you to look up words quickly without having to go to Google manually from there.

Apple also added that iOS 13 will run 2 times faster than iOS 12, Face ID is 30% faster.

iOS 13 has been tested by programmers, but not to download OTA as every year should not share the profile for you. July will be for public testing. All devices from iPhone 6s and above will run iOS 13. iPhone 6 and iPhone 5 have broken up.

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iPadOS 13

Later iPad will not use iOS, it has a separate operating system called iPadOS. Basically, this operating system will be similar to iOS, at least at the present time, but is more optimized for multitasking.

For example, when you are viewing an app that overrides another app (Slide Over), you can quickly find the apps you recently ran and select it instead. iPadOS also supports running the same app but in many "instances" to easily compare documents, images, web pages … together. Or you simply want to copy text from one Word file to another for example. You can also use 3 fingers to copy, paste, undo.

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iPadOS also supports Bluetooth mouse and can read hard drive via USB-C port, as well as copy images from camera. iPadOS has a shared folder function of iCloud but it is unclear how it is, let me try it and share it with you later.

Other features of the iPadOS are: downloadable new fonts, a miniature keyboard for typing with the thumb, allowing you to take screenshots of the entire website or document. These things make the iPad more like PC.

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macOS Catalina

Compared to iOS or iPadOS, Mac does not have many upgrades by:

  • Ability to search for MacBook even if the device is lost and the location is changed. Apple uses someone else's iPhone as a beacon to "sniff" where your Mac is and the sound of updating the laptop's location data. You can track the location of your device in the Find My Mac app
  • Apple also splits the iTunes application into many small apps: Music, Podcasts, TV.
  • Screen Time usage feature has been taken to Mac
  • Can use the iPad as a secondary monitor

Apple also launches a tool called Catalyst to make its port developer app from iPad to macOS easier.

Apple Watch

  • Apple Watch will have its own app store, you can download applications for exercise, music, and download the app directly to Apple Watch without going through the iPhone.
  • IVoice Memos, Audio Books (audio books) and computer applications are also added
  • Apple adds training functions for bikers, monitoring volume from iOS, tracks adding frequency of walking …
  • The Health app will notify you when you are below the threshold so you can train

Sign in with Apple button

The login button with Apple is like the login button with Google or Facebook, but Apple says that they do not share any information with third parties. You do not need to share the real email address with the app, when using Sign in. With Apple, a random email address will be created for you to register for an account on online services. Any email sent to this random address is of course forwarded to your primary email address.

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New Mac Pro

The Mac Pro is completely refreshed with a box-like design, but inside it is a frame with the ability to mount flexible components in a modular way so that pro users can easily customize and upgrade their computers. It can run the most powerful CPU with Intel 28 Xeon, supporting up to 4 AMD Radeon Pro Vega II GPUs, maximum RAM of 1.5TB RAM.

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It is powerful enough to be able to edit up to 3 8K movie streams at the same time, or 12 4K movie streams in parallel.

The basic Mac Pro has an 8-core Intel Xeon CPU, 32GB RAM, AMD 580X Radeon Pro GPU, 256GB SSD (upgradable), starting at $ 6000.

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Pro Display XDR screen

This screen has a resolution of 6K size 32 inches, supports 10bit color and has a starting price of $ 5,000 for the normal version, if you want to have a layer of nano-textured glass reduced and not sacrificing the contrast you have to spend more $ 1000.

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But the "most shocking" thing is that you will have to spend $ 1,000 more for STAND – the base, that is, if you want the screen to stand properly on the table, you have to spend $ 1000 more. The heartbreaking thing is that this stand not only fixes the screen, but it also adjusts the tilt, height, and rotation to portrait mode.

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Why is XDR? With advanced LED technology, effective backlight control, Pro Display XDR brings brightness, contrast and color to a higher level. It is called "Extreme dynamic range" rather than High dynamic range. Beyond HDR, that's why this monitor is called Pro Display XDR.

32 "6K screen, brighter, high contrast: Pro Display XDR is a 32 "LCD screen, resolution 6016×3384 – ie 6K Retina screen, 20 million pixels, 1,000,000: 1 contrast ratio, 1000nits screen brightness (It can reach 1000nits of brightness) Full screen brightness is not limited and peaks at 1600nits.).

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