WWDC 2019 - Summary (Part 2)

WWDC 2019 this year Apple mainly focused on its software. The company has upgraded its entire software for its very long range of products from iOS, macOS to watchOS and tvOS.

With Apple gradually focusing on its services, the software platform is very important to develop these services. In addition, the development of our software and services makes Apple able to affirm its current unique ecosystem and attract more investors in the process of losing its position again. top billion dollar companies. Back to WWDC 2019 this year, as mentioned, Apple upgraded the software for its entire product range, starting with iOS.

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IOS 13

After a very successful iOS 12 version, Apple has rallied from its iOS 11 mistake along with a lot of rumors surrounding iOS 11 secretly reducing device performance. Now iOS 13 develops what is powerful in iOS 12 and adds a lot of new features, the most special and expected one is Dark mode.

Dark mode on iOS is no longer a strange thing for us because since the release of JailBreak iOS 11, countless tweaks can help us install the system into a dark background perfectly. And suddenly replacing all Dard mode on iOS 13 handles the same dark parts as the existing tweaks for a long time. So Dark mode has benefits that people have been waiting for so long.

The first point is that from the iPhone X, the new Apple phones all have screens that use OLED technology. And with this technology, the black color on the screen is displayed very deep because each pixel there will turn itself off, which will lead to more battery saving by not having to turn on the entire screen like LED technology. In addition, the long look at the black background will help us to reduce eye strain in the white background.

The keyboard now allows swipe keys to write faster. This is a feature that all Android users have owned for a long time, but the utility it brings is not much.

The map has changed completely and in much more detail than previous versions. Apple says it has a dedicated team that uses specialized devices mounted on cars and airplanes moving more than 4 million miles to capture 360-degree photos and give us the best view at the very best. Many different routes. Apple says it will update the entire United States on the map by the end of 2019.

According to Apple, the latest version of iOS 13 will increase 40% of app opening speed, 30% of face unlocking speed and updates will now be less than 60% instead of 50% in iOS 12. Shortcut Siri is public The tool helps users to customize Siri's actions every time a command or a set of certain commands and is now integrated right into iOS 13.

The entire photo application interface is completely redesigned. iOS 13 has a separate viewing section for each day, month and year. This tool mixes duplicate images together and displays high ligth of important content. Inside each photo also provides deeper tools than ever before. Now you can even edit Video directly in iOS's photo application.

The Memoji option now allows users many new features. At WWDC 2019 Apple recently showed an advertisement to introduce iOS 13's "make-up" with options from eye color to lip color, you can add hats or nose piercings and eyeglasses. and also Airpod. Now memoji also allows you to create your own stickers and without your phone need a 3D face scanner like iPhone X and above, even old devices like iPhone 6s are supported on iOS 13 as well. can use.

Apple also introduced the Sign in with Apple feature and the company said it would keep all users' information confidential and not allow third-party applications to access. Apple also compared its security features with Sign in with Facebook and Google as the two most popular platforms today. In addition to each time you log in with your Apple account and that application requires access to your mail, iOS 13 will automatically return an encrypted and customized mail each time you access the app's help. You are safer.

When you are connecting iPhone with Air Pod Siri will read the notifications to you and you can respond immediately by talking back to Siri. Share audio now via Air Drop instead of just sharing photos like before.

Siri is also revised to have a more natural and friendly voice based on Neural TTS technology. In addition Siri also supports the English language of India.


Now, instead of sharing the iOS versions with the iPhone, Apple finally gave its iPads an operating system with its own name, ipadOS.

The main screen interface has changed when you can display access cards right next to off-screen applications. The operations are now smarter, you can choose a text cluster, swipe 3 fingers to copy and swipe 3 fingers twice to cut that section, swipe 3 fingers down to paste and swipe 3 fingers left to get can undo.

Apple also redesigned the site's interface in the Safari of the iPad, making them between the iPhone and Macbook, not too big or too small. The virtual keyboard option in the screen can be scaled down to the size of the keyboard on the iPhone and neatly dragged to the side of the screen or the corner of the screen. The delay when operating the Apple Pencil on the screen decreased from 20ms to 9ms.

Multi-task more powerful when you can open a lot of applications at the same time. For example, you can open 2 note entries at the same time and can open a lot of optional apps at the side with swipe up and down.

All the features on iOS 13 are available on the new iPadOS introduced by Apple.

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