WWDC 2019 - Summary (Part 1)

WWDC 2019 – Summary (Part 1)

June 3 morning at 00:00 (GMT + 7) Apple held the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) event for programmers every year. This year WWDC 2019 brings us a series of software updates that are unique on every Apple device stretching from the Macbook to iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

Recently we have seen that Apple is no longer too salty to introduce hardware products at its big event. Instead, they released new models in a very quiet way. Even recent Macbook Pro models are only released by Apple on their home page. Or further we have iPad Mini 5 and iPad Air 3 or iPod Touch Gen 7 are only introduced by Apple on the homepage like Macbook.

One common point of all these products is that they only upgrade the internal hardware ie the processor. The rest of the design and all the other features remain the same so it is difficult for Apple to introduce those models to the stage even though they can still.

Perhaps all of these moves are paving the way for a true Apple blockbuster introduced in WWDC 2019 and these are the only two hardware models introduced here: Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR .

Mac Pro

Since 2013 with our first Mac Pro model, this is really a very powerful computer model from Apple. People still remember the first Mac Pro by an extremely expensive price and designed in a cylindrical shape and compared to trash cans. And finally after 6 years of receiving a lot of feedback and development, at WWDC 2019 Apple suddenly released its latest Mac Pro model called Mac Pro 2019 or The New Mac Pro.

The first upgrade point comes from the exterior part ie exterior design. Instead of a cylindrical design and a dominant black tone from the first version, the Mac Pro 2019 has a rectangular box shape and bright white tones. The whole machine frame is machined by steel plate, surrounded by a 4-sided aluminum plate with a rectangular shape molded. To lift the aluminum and access the internal hardware, just rotate a pre-designed step on the top cover of the machine and the entire internal hardware will appear on all four sides of the machine. 4 brackets also have 4 wheels to make Mac Pro more flexible.

Turning to the interior interior, the main color tone is black, which features the interior of the Macbook or iMac from the mainboard to the surrounding components. Inside we have a huge mainboard containing up to 8 PCIE lanes. The CPU has an option to take up to 28 56-threaded cores with up to 66.5MB of cache, the default version will only be equipped with 8-core 16-threaded CPU.

Apple also introduced a new technology that enables two graphics cards to communicate with each other faster. The Mac Pro can mount up to 2 clusters of 2 graphics cards ie 4 graphics cards. At this time, the machine needs a 1400W power supply. With the power of the four graphics cards, you can preview up to 3 8K image streams at once and 12 4K image streams.

Standard version comes with 8-core 16-thread CPU configuration, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD, Radeon 580x graphics card and starting price of $ 4999 will be sold next fall.

Pro Display XDR

For the first time, Apple produced a model for itself and it was Pro Display XDR. Also introduced at WWDC 2019 recently with Mac Pro, Apple's new and also the first model of the screen is really impressed with the design as well as the performance it brings.

32 inch LCD Display screen with resolution of 6016 x 3384 or Apple called 6K retina display. Apple introduced a new screen model that owns the technology of extreme dynamic range or XDR, supports P3 and 10-bit color band together. Pro Display XDR has an overall size of about 40% larger than the 27-inch iMac, but the screen border is much thinner.

The screen holder is also introduced separately by Apple with a streamlined and luxurious design. Flexible folding system with the ability to rotate the screen vertically in a very gentle way. And the most special thing is that the screen holder alone costs up $ 999. And the screen model will be sold this fall with Mac Pro with a starting price of $ 4999 for regular version and $ 5999 for XDR supported version.

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