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WWDC 2019 – macOS, tvOS and new watchOS

In addition to launching iOS 13 at WWDC 2019, there are many features, along with the powerful hardware duo of Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR, the other software platforms of the rest of the device range are also upgraded. new version. This section will review the new features of macOS, watchOS and new tvOS.

WWDC 2019 this year Apple has upgraded the entire software for its device range. Not only is iOS 13 extremely powerful, other hardware is also upgraded. The above updates include new macOS, watchOS and tvOS.

macOS Catalina

MacOS 10.15 also known as Catalina is the latest version for Apple Mac models introduced at WWDC 2019 recently. Now iTunes on macOS will be officially replaced by the third set of software, Apple Music, Apple Podcast and Apple TV. With the new Apple Podcast this app uses artificial intelligence to suggest content similar to the audio you are listening to. You can also watch popular shows or your own movies with the new Apple TV. The ability to watch movies will be even better now that macOS Catalina has supported 4K HDR, Dolby Vision and HDR 10.

One of the new and very attractive features is SideCar. Now you can use the iPad to make a secondary monitor for the Macbook instead of having to plug it into an external monitor. Work operations can be done right on the iPad with supported applications.

The new Voice Control feature helps people with disabilities to use Mac computers and get all the features from the iPhone reader support.

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FindMy is a new feature that allows you to find your Macbook even without connecting to the internet. Their operating mechanism will play Bluetooth to Apple devices next to it and notify the address to our device. Apple also confirmed that this did not affect privacy and the company did not access user information.

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Project Catalyst is a project that helps developers build macOS applications based on the applications available for the iPad. This also led to now we can program a running project for all three devices, iPhone, iPad and Mac, not need to be separated as before.


watchOS is also a very remarkable part of WWDC 2019 this year because every update watchOS has new features that focus on the health of users.

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The latest update allows users to have more watch faces and more options for these available options. A simple watch face with large numbers or a watch face integrates new information from multiple sources and most importantly, the watch face can change the interface in bright or dark sky.

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Now every time you switch to the new Apple Watch, it will have a notification sound to the user and you can choose what sound is produced. In addition, when you receive a notification Siri will read the notification for you and you can completely answer immediately by talking back to Siri.

And for the first time, Apple brought the App Store onto its Apple Watch and made it possible for the App to be independently operated with the phone instead of having to use the same device as before. The new update also has an application that can monitor the sound of the surrounding environment and inform users whether the noise level is in dB and whether it is adversely affecting the ears of each person.

Another application directed towards the user is female Cycle Cycle helps track the menstrual cycle of each person.

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This was the first introduction in WWDC 2019 because it was simply short. Apple also knows that not too many people are interested in tvOS instead of iOS or macOS.

Apple has redesigned the entire interface of tvOS, at the first main screen your most popular shows will be previewed right here with 4K resolution. With TV devices, most will be used by everyone in the family, from parents to their children, all have their own TV shows and hobbies. So tvOS recently allowed to log in multiple accounts (multi users) with each family member.

In addition to TV shows or movies, Apple Music now allows customization for each user in the home and suggests personal preferences for each person.

In addition to the recently updated software Apple has supported more titles on its TV platform and also supports connecting with the two most popular gaming handsets today – the Xbox One S and PlayStation DualShock 4. .

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