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Wukong launched a new trailer on the occasion of the New Ox spring


The developer of Game Science recently decided to release a new trailer for the game Black Myth: Wukong on the occasion of the New Ox spring.

On the occasion of the New Ox Spring, Game Science developer has released a new trailer for The Black Myth: Wukong (English name is Black Myth: Wukong), giving the fan community the first glimpse of gameplay. as well as introducing many new types of demons and demons to the game universe Tay Du Ky.

Black Myth: Wukong releases a new trailer on the occasion of the New Ox spring

Not only that, this is also an opportunity for us to admire the Monkey King with his 72 miraculous transformations, however, it seems that because of the limited time, the NSX can only ‘show off’ to us. a few special moves only.

Opening the video, the first thing that catches our eyes is a desolate, secluded land, with many temples and shrines scattered all over the place, covered with patches of dying vegetation. , gives us a feeling of insecurity, heavy killing intent. Although scary, the NSX has portrayed the traditional beauty, bold “character” of Chinese feng shui.

Black Myth: Wukong releases a new trailer on the occasion of the New Ox spring

The next sequence ‘teases’ shows players a variety of new enemies. If in the 13-minute gameplay video released by NSX not long ago, Wukong had to face the angel of the general and the four great kings. So now, gamers will see the Great Saint fighting with all kinds of different types of demons and demons.

From the love langurs in fearsome human guise with the ability to quickly acrobatic in combat, to a giant mage mouse that can use spears and swords, etc. Besides, there are several new bosses. also appeared, typically a fire-breathing two-headed mouse, or a giant Taurus with extraordinary strength, and his appearance was quite similar to that of the Demon King.

Black Myth: Wukong releases a new trailer on the occasion of the New Ox spring

As for the character Sun Wukong of this game’s own, up to now, NSX has not revealed its true background. Many questions have been asked, is this really the Monkey King or not? Or is this the Green Harvest, one of the Four Servants? Was Wukong really destroyed or sealed?

But with all that can be drawn from the aforementioned videos, it seems that this character Wukong will be able to use 72 supernatural spells (Sat Khet Thap Nhi Huyen Cong) and most of all. , that is, hypocrisy that allows the Great Saint to transform into anything he wants. From simple animals like flies and mosquitoes, to complex things like a giant stone, resistant to all the physical damage that comes from a variety of radiation weapons like bows and crossbows.

Launching an epic clip, is Black Myth: Wu Kong really a blockbuster?

Possessing a tight and slashing gameplay, combined with a one-on-one-hundred element, quite similar to the famous God of War game franchise from 2000 to 2010, Black Myth: Wukong promises to make the community Fans must be overwhelmed with countless heroic battles and unforgettable new experiences. Not only that, it seems that the game will bring a diverse character system, along with many types of demons, demons, or even the Ten Great Magic Gods.

Black Myth: Wukong releases a new trailer on the occasion of the New Ox spring

At the end of the video trailer, the developer of Game Science confirmed that this product was created to celebrate the New Year, not an introduction to the main storyline of Black Myth: Wukong. But according to speculation of many people, including me, all that we have witnessed in the 3-minute clip, is likely to be included in the official gameplay.

It seems that the plot of this game Qi Thien Dai Thanh will not stop with stories about 81 lives of Tang Tang, but will also open up new inspiration not only for gamers and for home. making games, but also for many writers, poets, painters, etc … Maybe in the future, NSX will accelerate the development process, release many DLC with the aim of focusing on exploiting the history and biography of How about each character in the novel Journey to the West? We have to wait and watch it!!!

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