Wu Yifan sent a lawyer's letter, and Meizhu wanted to report the case, and the love debt between the celebrity and the Internet celebrity escalated again

Wu Yifan sent a lawyer’s letter, and Meizhu wanted to report the case, and the love debt between the celebrity and the Internet celebrity escalated again

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Just when netizens were busy condemning Lin Shengbin, Wu Yifan lay guns again.

The cause of the incident still has to be traced back to last month. On June 2nd, a blogger posted an article claiming to be a voice for his girlfriend, accusing Kris Wu of playing with feelings, causing his girlfriend Du Mizhu to fall into depression, and then more claiming to be “victims” “The women who stood up and accused Kris Wu of abusive sentiments, thought Kris Wu would become the next master of time management, but in a few days things disappeared.

Internet celebrity Du Meizhu saw that Wu Yifan was still at ease, unaffected by emotional storms, and his work and career were still flourishing. Unwilling to hear Du Meizhu’s second voice exposed more fierce materials, he did not expect the distance. More than a month has passed since the storm, and Wu Yifan has been caught in a big pot.

On July 8th, Du Meizhu published a long article revisiting the old story, claiming that he was exposed and threatened by Wu Yifan’s fans on the Internet, which made his depression and illness worse, and he was deeply afraid. In desperation, he continued to blow Wu Yifan and gave more facts. Announced to the public, hoping to get help from public opinion.

This time, Du Meizhu explained in detail how he fell into Kris Wu’s emotional trap step by step, and posted a lot of screenshot evidence.

It can be seen from the screenshot that an agent who claims to be Wu Yifan’s studio actively contacted Du Meizhu and wanted to sign him into the company. In this way, Du Meizhu naturally also got in touch with Wu Yifan.

I thought that Du Mizhu’s re-posting might be a self-directed and self-acted act of hotness by an Internet celebrity, or a simple love debt tearing B. I never thought that in the content of the next revelation, Wu Yifan once again appeared on the hot search, causing The uproar of public opinion.

In the next revelations, it was mentioned that Wu Yifan had a special WeChat account to deceive underage girls. The routine is also to use MV to select heroines and sign contracts to support newcomers, and most of these underage girls are 00. Later, it was mainly girls who were still in the college entrance examination. It was also revealed that Wu Yifan would put photos of these girls on the wine bureau for selection. There would be someone acting as a middleman between Wu Yifan and many girls.

In short, what happened in Du Meizhu shocked a lot of netizens. For example, Wu Yifan’s behavior of “selecting concubines” in the wine bureau is even more unbelievable.

It’s just that after Du Meizhu exploded Wu Yifan, the content of his revelation was also questioned by many people. After all, the evidence was indeed a bit unsatisfactory.

In addition, the last time the incident between Du Meizhu and Wu Yifan was thunder and rain, and the heat lasted for a long time. The few responses that Wu Yifan downplayed were resolved. How bizarre Wu Yifan’s personal feelings are, that is also his freedom, and the public can only say It was Wu Yifan’s changing girlfriends too quickly, just like Xiao Yaxuan’s changing boyfriends, except that the nature of this incident was extremely bad, and Wu Yifan’s career was bound to be damaged.

Therefore, in the first time, Wu Yifan’s studio issued a lawyer’s letter warning, claiming that he was deeply shocked by this bottomless hype to gain attention, and the extremely malicious slander, and would immediately sue the rumors with ulterior motives. It seems this Wu Yifan was really anxious this time.

I thought that when Wu Yifan’s wording was so harsh, Du Meizhu would admit counsel, but I didn’t expect that this time the woman was determined to fight Kris Wu to the end. Du Meizhu issued a document on July 9 saying that he doesn’t have to be patient anymore. Yes, prepare to report the case, provide evidence to the police, and cooperate with the investigation.

Du Meizhu’s tit-for-tat confrontation with Wu Yifan has received the support of many netizens, hoping to investigate thoroughly and restore the truth of the matter.

According to Du Meizhu himself, after being deceived by Wu Yifan’s emotional deception, he wanted to announce the matter to the public and only wanted Wu Yifan’s apology. What he didn’t want to get was just more Wu Yifan fans’ online exposure. The verbal abuse, combined with Wu Yifan’s blind warning and no apology, made Du Meizhu completely torn his face with Wu Kris, vowing to go to court with Wu Yifan and seek justice.

It’s just that the current state of affairs is still unclear, is there no malicious hype? Or is Wu Yifan true? Just wait for the follow-up to see how it develops. What do you think of this? Comments are welcome.


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