Wu Yi mortal set collapse? was exposed by female Internet celebrities, netizens talked a lot

Wu Yi mortal set collapse? was exposed by female Internet celebrities, netizens talked a lot

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Wu Yi mortal has collapsed?Du Meizhu re-exposed fierce material, arousing popular discussion

Every time Wu Kris is mentioned, netizens will think of his sunny smile. In many people’s minds, Wu Yifan is like a big boy who is positive, cute and full of positive energy. Not only looks handsome, but also works very hard. It is precisely because of this that Wu Yifan will have a huge fan base. Every time there is a dynamic about him, the people who eat melon will rush in and talk about it.

Recently, Wu Yifan seems to be caught in a vicious circle of public opinion, and there will always be various people revealing his emotional scandals. In the revelations of female Internet celebrity Du Mizhu, Wu Yifan seems to be a proper scumbag, which is very different from his image in front of the camera. Not only Du Meizhu came forward and broke the news, but many girls who claimed to be “victims” also came forward to accuse Wu Yifan of some “scumbag behaviors” that Wu had done before, which aroused heated discussions among many netizens.

Faced with the collective condemnation of many girls, Wu Yifan himself was very calm and did not make any response to this. The studio also said before that it would not respond positively to these matters, and this attitude of solving problems made many people who eat melons feel dissatisfied. Everyone thinks Wu Yifan has some arrogance, and many people still complain that he wants to cover the sky with just one hand?

It has been almost a month since the last time Kris Wu was exposed, and Wang Sicong suddenly fought with Sun Yining at that time, which became the focus of hot searches and successfully shared a lot of attention for Kris Wu. Wu Yifan’s “Leggie Splitting” is also about to be forgotten by netizens. The new play “The Journey of the Hairpin” is about to meet with the audience, and his career is still thriving and good. At this moment, Du Meizhu once again made a big move, revealing new fierce materials, which is jaw-dropping.

On July 9th, Du Meizhu once again broke the news through social platforms and published thousands of words in a long article, beating Wu Yifan’s previous actions, saying that he had repeatedly extended his “devil’s claws” to the post-00 post, and said Once on the wine table, the ridiculous “picking concubine game” and so on. Netizens gradually polarized their attitudes after seeing this revelation. Some people feel that it is impossible for a girl to wrong others for no reason.

But there are also some people who feel that Du Meizhu might be out of nothing because he wanted to keep up the heat and attract traffic. In the face of this revelation, Wu Yifan’s studio finally couldn’t sit still. They directly responded by posting a message saying that everything is false information, and I hope netizens don’t believe it. In any case, Wu Yifan’s audience fate really collapsed this time. Netizens firmly believe in the truth of “no wind and no waves”, especially in this relatively complex entertainment industry, there is not so much truth, goodness and beauty. What do you think about this?


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