Wu Jing's new film is about to be released, the cost is as high as 200 million US dollars, netizens: 4 billion box office stable

Wu Jing’s new film is about to be released, the cost is as high as 200 million US dollars, netizens: 4 billion box office stable

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After the success of “Wolf Warrior 2” and “Wandering Earth”, Wu Jing has become the hottest super first-line male star in China. His influence and appeal cannot be underestimated. More and more high-quality film projects throw olive branches to him. Wu Jing’s starring works in recent years, such as “King Kong River” and “The Climber”, as well as guest works such as “Good Teacher”, “My Hometown and Me” and other films have received amazing box office results.

What is even more surprising is Wu Jing’s upcoming works. Even Gu Tianle can’t quite sigh the number. The richness of themes can be described by the dazzling array. In addition to the sequels “Wandering Earth 2” and “Wolf Warriors 3”, they also include and tube. “Dongji Island” with Tiger, “Hello, Hero” and “Chinese Ping Pong” with Deng Chao, “Translator” with Lei Jiayin and Xiao Yang, “Me and My Father” with Xu Zheng and Shen Teng Other films, of course, the work that has received the most attention is the war giant “Changjin Lake”.

“Changjin Lake” gathers one of the most tragic battles in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. It tells the story of the brave volunteers who resisted aggression without fear of life and death. The creative team is luxurious. Chen Kaige, Tsui Hark and Lin Chaoxian are co-directed. The three directors are all in the Chinese film industry. It has an important position, representing rich works, strong personal style, and previous experience in directing themes.

In terms of starring lineup, “Changjin Lake” brings together dozens of big-name actors such as Wu Jing, Duan Yihong, Yi Yanqianxi, Li Chen, Zhu Yawen, Zhang Hanyu, Huang Xuan, Zhang Guoli, etc. All the leading actors have well-known masterpieces, and their acting skills are obvious to all. Poke a lot of people in the minds of the gods casting roles.

“Changjin Lake”, “Chinese Doctor” and “Anonymous” are collectively known as the “Chinese Victory Trilogy”, and it is also one of Bona Pictures’ most important film projects this year. This is evident from the scale of production. According to foreign media reports, “Changjin Lake” has an investment cost of US$200 million (approximately 1.3 billion RMB), making it the most expensive film in the history of Chinese-language movies.

According to the film’s disclosure, “Changjin Lake” was filmed on location throughout the whole process. The shooting team exceeded 7,000 and the number of extras was as high as 70,000. Dozens of global special effects companies participated in post-production. The cost of 200 million US dollars is normal for such a scale. Hopefully In addition to special effects and scenes, the script can also be carefully crafted to bring a wonderful story.

Nowadays, the main theme of war movies has long become a “sweet pastry” in the market. With its huge production scale, and extremely luxurious creative team and starring lineup, “Changjin Lake” is fully capable of winning the annual box office championship, and netizens are confident. Fully expressed: 4 billion box office is stable!

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