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WSJ: Apple will be producing Mac Pro 2019 by Quanta Computer, China, not the US

Previously, the 2013 Mac Pro "Trash" was chosen by Apple in Texas and labeled as "Made in USA". But according to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the 2019 Mac Pro version will be assembled by Quanta Computer in China.

According to Macrumors, Quanta is expected to increase production of the new Mac Pro at a factory near Shanghai and get lower pay, closer to other Apple suppliers in Asia. The Chinese manufacturer is expected to charge less for Apple than in the US.

The move will allow Apple to avoid many of the problems that US vendors are having when assembling Mac Pro 2013. Currently, the Mac Pro is Apple's only major hardware product manufactured in the United States. States, also most other products are assembled by Chinese contractors, like Quanta for Apple Watch.

This is a video about how Mac Pro 2013 is made in the United States:

In a statement, an Apple spokesman said "final assembly is only part of the whole production process," adding that the new Mac Pro will be designed and manufactured in the United States and included. includes a number of components produced by the US.

As a high-end, expensive workstation for professionals, the Mac Pro 2019 is not a product that is expected to have good sales for Apple, but its production place is particularly noticeable in the context of the war. US-China trade is increasing. Earlier, President Donald Trump called on American companies to produce domestic products.

Sforum - The latest technology information page 2019 mac-pro-side-and-front-2 WSJ: Apple will be producing Mac Pro 2019 by Quanta Computer, China, not the US

Trump's government has raised taxes to 25% for China's 200 billion dollars of imports and has threatened to impose tariffs on goods of more than 300 billion dollars, including many Apple products. "Apples" warned that these taxes would reduce economic contributions and threaten its global competitiveness.

Mac Pro 2019 is currently considered a successful return of the Mac Pro line, with powerful configuration options and the ability to upgrade CPUs up to 28 cores, 1.5 TB RAM and 4 Radeon Pro Vega 2 graphics cards However, the power comes at an expensive price of more than 6,000 USD and if produced in the US, the price will increase further.

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