Wrongly accused Camara accepts the SPVM's apologies

Wrongly accused Camara accepts the SPVM’s apologies

The laboratory manager wrongly accused of disarming and shooting a police officer received and accepted an apology from the Montreal police director on Monday, without excluding the filing of a civil suit.

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“Mr. Camara’s family accepted the apology [du SPVM], she saw it as a symbol of appeasement, ”explained Me Virginie Dufresne-Lemire, who now represents Mamadi III Fara Camara.

The meeting, private, took place in the morning Monday, in a place that has not been disclosed. But even though the Camara family

accepted the apology, she still has “a lot of questions”.

“[Camara et ses proches] want answers, ”added the lawyer, suggesting that a civil action against the Montreal police is still not excluded.

Free since Wednesday after six days of detention, Mr. Camara is relatively well under the circumstances, added his lawyer. But his client still remains overwhelmed by all the events of the past few days, from his arrest to his release, until he was completely cleared last Friday.


“It was really intense, it will take time for her life to return to normal”, explained Me Dufresne-Lemire.

Wrongly identified by the police as being the one who shot a police officer in the Parc-Extension sector, Camara must also return to his home, with his partner pregnant with twins. However, following a search, the premises would have been left upside down.

On Monday, when the Journal visited Mr. Camara’s home, the door was still locked and neighbors assured that they had not seen the couple on the weekend.

He will also have to meet the officials of Polytechnique, where he taught.

Following the stay of proceedings, the university announced that it would reinstate him.

“We hope it will be soon,” concluded the lawyer.


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