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From arcade to mobile

“Ray” is light, and “Ark” is the ark. This is the origin of the name of Raya’s “Rayark”. This is a game company that wants to become “light”!

——But in fact, just because no one has registered, this name will be ranked first when searching.

Producer interview

Rhea’s predecessor was the company “Hypaa Studio”. At that time, the development team was committed to the development of the audio arcade machine “Theia”. This is a common on-the-go audio game, but it cancels the traditional fixed decision line gameplay and innovates The scan line is used to increase the complexity of the operation.

But when this product was actually put on the market, the market sales were very bleak.

Ia Theia》

Obviously there is a good innovation. It is clearly the first to “Theia”, but I didn’t expect that the arcade game DMT was also launched in the same year. Both the market share and IP popularity are better than “Theia”, and the gameplay is just close to “Theia”. Compared with the exquisite DMT, “Theia”, which is rough and infamous for plagiarism, failed.

Left: DMT

Ia 《《Theia》

After summarizing its own failures and shortcomings, Hypaa Studio did not dissolve in situ, but reintegrated and registered Rhea, changed the game platform thinking, and moved forward to the mobile game field with great future prospects.

If these things didn’t happen, according to Rhea’s tenacity, maybe it would still be an arcade game company now~ (laughs)

Rhea-style audio game

The failure of “Theia” made Rhea understand a truth-

“We thought the gameplay was interesting and we sold it, but the market’s reaction let us know that the graphics and music are very important!”

They decided to start from the picture that they didn’t pay enough attention to before, and make a brand new mobile phone audio game, but at the same time retain the “Theia” characteristic scan line gameplay.

So in 2012 “Cytus” was born.

How legendary is this game? As soon as it was launched, it was ranked No. 1 in the iPhone music game category in 14 countries, and No. 1 in the iPad 111 countries, and so on. It can be said that this is a game to save Rhea from fire and water!

It integrates the plot and the audio gameplay, and learns the lessons from the previous. It has produced exquisite illustrations for “Cytus”, with a strong cyberpunk style, a half-human and half-mechanical girl, and an epic CG. The world is presented to the player.

Most of the games I’ve played before, if you want to tell a story, you use the simple and rude modes of dialogue, dialogue, dialogue, and song. Rhea has incorporated the story of the game into the song. In the name, lyrics, animation and even melody, all we have to do is to listen, feel and think——

After the disaster swept in the future, human beings will load their own spirit into the mechanical body. For this doomsday, the game will not use words to describe, but use the exquisite CG of each chapter to outline the advanced and barren world of this world.

As the chapter theme song of each chapter is cleared, from the title of the first chapter, Operators, we begin to understand that this is the spiritual container of human beings, and the name of the protagonist Vanessa who enters this container also appears with the title of the fifth chapter. The story advances a little bit, until the seventh chapter begins to enter the climax. During the performance of the theme song “Loom”, an animation of virus spread first appeared, and the memory was concealed and deleted…

All this hints to us: Is the story that we understand really the truth?

Vanessa, the machine that inherits the memory of the original owner, retrieves emotions and memories, and the main question of the story is also thrown out: will it become a machine for immortality, or die as a human being?

Because the narrative style of “Cytus” is relatively obscure, and there are many plots that need to be understood in conjunction with the song lyrics, everyone may have their own version of understanding, if there is a difference, please leave your opinion.

If you want to know more about the plot, some players in TapTap have also made a summary of the plot of “Cytus”, there are not too many spoilers here~ guide: https://www.taptap.com/topic/7965022

Sky Knight and Rose Witch

On the track, as an audio game, “Cytus” is so good that there is nothing to say! I believe that every player who has played “Cytus” must have several impressive tracks, such as “saika”, “axion”, “loom”, “HolyKnight”.

Here is an interesting story. I personally love “HolyKnight” as a famous song in Chapter 4. The red and blue girl on the cover stimulates the curiosity of the players. Rhea later even built a special theme around “HolyKnight”. An entire song package “Chapter K”.

This chapter, dubbed by the players as the “Lily Knight”, tells the beautiful story of the knight of the sky and the witch of Rose who fell in love and killed each other. (This is also the chapter with the most humanities in “Cytus”, eh)

Iris and Rosabel were playmates when they were young. In order to reflect the sense of fate between them, their CGs mostly echoed in red and blue, positive and negative, such as the fifth and sixth song paintings, the holy sword of the knight. Contrast with the blood-stained sword that the witch inserted around the throne.

R’s parents died tragically in the flames of war. She was blinded by hatred, got a taboo code, and became a witch. Ten years later, I became a brave and beautiful knight in the sky. She wants to correct everything and recover, and head to their fateful battle.

Facing the close friend who came to crusade, R chose to welcome his ending, but…Iris who survived also chose to slay himself in the sunset.

“Cytus” rarely uses words to express the plot. The song “The Fallen Bloom” of the battle of fate, as the climax of “Chapter K”, depicts the encounter of former close friends on the battlefield.

Rose Witch——
Walk alone, reject the past, flowers hesitate for tomorrow
The burning pupil is watching you, waiting for the destined day to come

Sky Knight–
The frozen heart can’t open, the flower is imprisoned in the past
Hold the sword and shield tightly

(Joint) The gradual collapse of the wheel of fortune is intertwined with an unknown future
(Witch Rose) Like this
(Sky Knight) Later
(Witch Rose) Certainly
(Sky Knight) Certainly
(Together) Can you understand each other in the time that can’t be recovered

After the singing of the two singers, the melody reached a blank section without drums. The expressions of the two in the background illustration went from competing to showing tenderness. Accompanied by gentle singing, the final score of the tune disappeared, and only the CG picture was left in front of the player. A cross light appeared in the center where the two of them interlaced, and whoever stays, there is no need to say…

There are also 2 hidden tracks in the entire chapter. After we clear the first 8 songs, we will be able to unlock the 9th “Where You Are Not”, that is, “The World Without You”. In the sad and chaotic rhythm, you will find that it is a variation of the two-person theme song “HolyKnight”, and various discordant melody hints at the ending of Iris.

After the clearance of “Where You Are Not”, another hidden track “The Eternity Of Us” is also unlocked. The picture is swept away from the previous haze. Its icon is the restoration symbol in the staff, and their afterlife returns to the beginning of their childhood. The origin of, Rosabel and Iris are cuddling each other in the sun, singing “I like you so much” in their singing.

With this song, the story of the two girls ends, and the sadness and touch left in the plot are reconciled in this sweet song…

“Deemo”: From Cyberpunk to Classical Lyric

“You don’t have to make money, but you have to do games that you think are fun to be worthy of the players!”

With this mentality, Rhea made another brand new audio game in 2013 after the great success of “Cytus”. The cyberpunk style of the previous work was abrupt—classical, lyrical, and falling. Compared to the electronic “Cytus”, it seemed much “slower”.

Yes, this work is “Deemo”.

Picture book-style pictures, the amnestic girl who came here by accident, and the little black man playing the piano alone in the world of the tree house.

This is where? I want to go home… The girl begged.

We played the piano and allowed the tree of life to grow. The girl gradually showed a smile. She happily told Deemo: When this tree grows, I will be able to go home. Deemo just stroked her head quietly.

In “Deemo” Rhea made a lot of exquisite animations to connect the plot, we can meet certain conditions, we can look forward to the animation of living with the girl next time, and its title scene is not a simple picture, it can be interactive In the scene, we explore the decryption and guess the identity of the girl and the little black man.

121.518549, 25.040854, at first everyone didn’t understand what this string of numbers was, until the player put it into Google Maps and found that it was a coordinate number pointing to the hospital.

After the accidental discovery, the players began to speculate that all the seemingly accidental small details made by the production team were not accidental, but served the story; then guessed whether the hidden song “Pulse” and the illustrations prove that the world is a little girl The heart or life; then we clicked on the big tree and found that there was a heartbeat! Then we found…

The story of “Deemo” gradually became clear before our eyes. Years later, Reya produced a more exquisite “Deemo -reborn-” to reap the tears of players.

*The following content contains spoilers, please watch carefully

It turned out that the little black man was the girl Alice’s brother. In the car accident, her brother protected Alice and left, and the girl fell into a coma with severe injuries. Even though she was reluctant, her brother still hopes to send Alice back to the world where she was supposed to live and live well. Go down.

Finally, after playing “My Dear Deemo”, the story came to an end in the song “Alice good night” that my brother responded to. The memories before us drifted past our eyes…

“Before you turn around and leave, don’t forget to say goodbye for the last time.”


In 2018, Rhea made “Cytus II” for “Cytus”. According to the changes of the times, he tried to simulate the fragmented narrative style of the form of social networks. This work with a large amount of textual information was even nicknamed “Buy” by players. Electronic novels send audio games.”

Seeking the meaning of mankind in the future (Cytus), saving the lives of girls (Deemo), composing a song of dreams and youth (Lan Kong), searching for lost memories in the spiritual network world (Cytus II), four games talk about four cores Different stories

Compared with other well-known music games, Rhea’s style is unified, lighter and more elegant, using notes as words and melody into chapters. With the interaction with the screen time and time again, the plot gradually composes and takes shape in the players’ hearts.

As a player who loves Rhea, when writing this article, I re-organized Rhea’s mobile game works, four completely different styles of audio games, against the 3A ARPG mobile game “Confusion”, Fantasy-style SRPG “Vientiane Story”, strategy card game “Battle of Eden”… I find it difficult for you to define their game type for the company Rhea.

Each style is polished with heart, seeking innovation, and telling its own story seriously. The next one, the next next one, always turn on Hard mode for yourself and bring us better works!

Author: Orange Cat, I’m watching you
Source: TapTap
Address: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/Q0MQga7CzJitR2hjM8fFOw


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