Write text on the simplest photo, write greetings on the photo

Write text on the simplest photo, write greetings on the photo

Writing text on an image or writing text on an image is not too difficult, there are many tools that can do this. The following article will guide you to write text on a detailed, fast and simplest photo, from which you can write greetings, messages, or any text you want on the photo.

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With the growing Internet service, the jobs that users had to install software in before were able to perform such as editing photos, writing text on photos … now with online tools, It is easier to do when the device has an internet connection. Instead of using applications and software, writing text on online images saves you time and computer memory.

There are hundreds of applications in the photo editing or photo collage application store that can write text on photos, but to make writing text on photos simple for users, ElectrodealPro would like to guide you. tools Paint (this is a tool available on Windows). Readers who want to write text with many beautiful effects can refer to the article inserting text in photos in Photoshop with many beautiful fonts available. The instructions below are The easiest way to write text on photoswhether you are a most basic computer user

Write text on photos, greetings on photos, 8/3 cards in Paint

Step 1: Go to the folder containing the image

Tips: If you don’t have 8/3 wallpapers or cards, please download the below set of backgrounds and cards.

Set of beautiful wallpapers and cards for March 8
* Wallpaper 8/3
* Card 8/3

Step 2: Right click and select Open With, Select Next Paint to start inserting text into your pictures

Viet chu len brother

Step 3: This is the working interface of Paint.

Here, you choose A (as shown) to open the writing tool. After choosing A, appears a selection for you to enter text, you write text on the image according to the desired content.

Viet chu into you

Step 4: After importing, you can edit the size, font format (font), color, … for the text after inserting text in the image.

The default computer font is pretty straightforward, if you want to add more beautiful Fonts download now the beautiful Font set Go to your computer and see how to install fonts for your computer.
* Beautiful font
* How to add fonts to your computer

squeeze him

Step 5: Save the picture that contains text inserted in the image. You click on the menu File in the left corner of the screen to open a submenu, then select Save as to save the image with text.

Viet happy with you

Step 6: Name and format the image
– At File name: You enter the name of the image after writing text on the image.
– At Save as type: You enter image format, here ElectrodealPro choose the format * .jpg After uploading the image, text is inserted.

Viet chu len brother

Step 7: Go to the folder containing the inserted text just saved and see the results

In addition to writing text on photos, recording greetings on photos, readers can read more about how to create 8 – 3 cards online to combine with writing on this photo to create a very beautiful National Day greeting card. Women’s Sacrifice March 8.

Above is the guide to write text on photos, cards, wallpapers 8/3 in Paint – One of the quite useful tools available on Windows, With this guide, you can completely apply to the supporting software. Photo editing support like Paint.net or Photoshop, but unlike Paint, then Paint.net and Photoshop you will need to install these photo editing software because they are not available. However, using Paint.net or Photoshop will have many beautiful effects to make your cards more lively and beautiful.

Good luck!


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