Write new iPhone XS or Xs properly to avoid misleading Apple fans? - Photo 1.

Write "iPhone XS" or "Xs" correctly to avoid misspelling Apple fans? How to write the correct iphone name

Although the iPhone XS generation has been around for nearly a year, it turns out that many people still keep in mind the wonderfully careless questions about them, until now have not been answered. One of them is how to write their names correctly: iPhone XS / XR or iPhone Xs / Xr?

Both of these ways of writing are being used in many places, but no one has given an explanation as to why they chose it. Of course, everyone understands anyway, but don't we need a unified answer as a standard?

iPhone XS or Xs?

The suffix after the representative name of the latest iPhone generation is indeed a pretty sweet question, since Apple itself has never made an official confirmation. Things are still just conjectures or definition of small points in Apple's writing style, from which many people say they use the "S" more than "s".

That is not enough, perhaps emailed to Apple support just to ask such a question? In fact, the answer is already available on their own website, just take a close look at it immediately:

It sounds a bit difficult and arduous, sometimes I have to write an email to ask CEO Tim Cook to be clear. But, actually, what we need to do is just go to Apple's website and scrutinize it a bit. Everything will clear up in just a few minutes. In this article, we just temporarily write all the letters as ever.

This is an introduction to iPhone XS (so called) on the Apple homepage:

Write new iPhone XS or Xs properly to avoid misleading Apple fans? - Photo 2.

Here, at first glance, the word "s" was written by Apple, much smaller than the "X" next to the flower.

Next, let's see the introduction for iPhone XR:

Write new iPhone XS or Xs properly to avoid misleading Apple fans? - Photo 3.

There was still a smaller "r", but this time there was a difference of mist. Here, it is clear that the "R" form is in true floral form, only smaller than the previous "X".

If it is a regular "r", it is impossible for Apple to mistake spelling and spelling so badly, especially when perfectionist culture is deeply ingrained in every corner of their company. Previously, iPhone XS was more confusing than that of "s" and "S" flowers had the same typeface, only different in size so we could misunderstand. However, the incident was not repeated for iPhone XR when two ways of capitalization / commonness of "R" were clearly different.

According to the "howtogeek" website specializing in science and technology, they have tried to do a more thorough verification by accessing the apple.com website source to check each letter carefully. As expected, the following letters are all capitalized, just a small font size:

Write new iPhone XS or Xs properly to avoid misleading Apple fans? - Photo 4.

The letter "R" is found in capital letters from the source code of the website.

Conclusion: iPhone XS, XS Max and XR are 100% accurate ways to write!


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