Wowy, Karik, Mausoleum of LD - Three ambassadors and stars "bring Tet home" this spring!

Wowy, Karik, Mausoleum of LD – Three ambassadors and stars “bring Tet home” this spring!

The day of reunification with the companionship of the ambassadors, filled a full Tet holiday

For the first time, there was an emotional ceremony to bring 3,000 students and employees back home this Tet. All hearts are eagerly heading home where the parents and children are waiting.

Bright, eager eyes ready to set out to reunite with her family

But most especially, accompanying you is not only a team of students volunteering to support themselves, but also the presence of ambassadors – the current “top of the top” rapper trio: Wowy, Karik and LD Mausoleum As promised from the start of the campaign, the artists were present on your departure day.

Present at the ceremony early, Wowy, Karik and Mausoleum of LD arranged their busy schedules and spent time exchanging with you. The tight hugs were given to the students and workers as a sincere thanks for their efforts in the past year, as well as to give strength to advance. The ambassadors also gave gifts and took many photos with you. Every moment of exchange with commemorative photos will definitely contribute to the story of the New Year’s Eve meal that you have been waiting for so long.

The ambassador’s hugs are for you as a thank you and wish to have a peaceful trip

Accompanying the program from the very first days, appearing at this farewell event, Wowy shared excitedly: “Wowy is honored to be able to participate in a meaningful event, to start a challenging new year 2021. We are strong and happy, let’s go home to reunite and rest! “. Karik couldn’t help but recuperate: ‚ÄúThis Tet, Karik is very happy to join hands in bringing happiness to everyone. Karik wishes everyone, every family will have a very warm time to welcome the new year! “.

Not only coming to the see-off ceremony, Wowy accompanied you all the way to the airport, sharing the happiness with you when there were only a few hours left to go home. All together exchange bright, hopeful eyes as it is closer and closer to being reunited with their family. The moments will definitely be memorable, for the New Year’s Eve tray to have more funny stories together.

Wowy waved to the special guests: “I have a happy Tet back home and get lots of lucky money!”

The lyrics are sent to the family, gifts to hand to ready to return

The ceremony took place with many levels of emotions, happiness and excitement, and also had quiet moments. In particular, the performance of the hit song “This Spring I will go back” by Duc Phuc and Lang LD, is a highlight that cannot be missed. I will fulfill my promise to return home This Tet is different from the old Tet, because the children after a year of hard work will actually return home.

The volunteer students not only accompany the trip but also contribute performances to warm up the atmosphere of the ceremony. In addition, the shared clip of the students and your workers, your family, brings a touching space in the hall. And finally, all of them are an encouragement that encourages you to continue to strive, to let go of all the worries and worries of the turbulent 2020, the year 2021 will be better.

Performances with gifts are a blessing for a peaceful and complete trip

Warm spirit, mutual love, making extraordinary strength

“Bring Tet home” with Pepsi, the Central Youth Union and Bamboo Airways has closed a volatile but full year old year for more than 3,000 children living far away from home country. Instead, there are spiritual moments for the whole family to reunite for the New Year, with many better things Because of the mission of “Development for the good”, community projects will continue to bring to happiness and a cozy, full meal for those in difficult circumstances.

This Tet, said to do, Pepsi really takes action to bring Tet home

( The current social responsibility activities are always associated with the brand philosophy, not only to polish the name but actually have a positive influence on society. In the coming Tet holiday of 2021, Pepsi has continued to prove its goal with the practical and meaningful campaign of “Bring Tet home” for thousands of students and workers in difficult circumstances.


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