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Worthy of the price of 5.99 million

Honor is continuing to add its own smartphones in the mid-range segment in Vietnam market. Compared to other brands, Honor does not create a strong media effect, but in return, it brings really quality products, using Huawei’s advanced technologies over the years. Therefore, Honor always has good products at many different price ranges for users to choose. It’s a pity that Honor seems to have “forgotten” the high-end segment since approaching Vietnamese users, but this is also a business problem from the company, as long as we still have a good product for a price. reasonable. Perhaps when it makes sense, Honor will push beyond its high-end products now, it brings the 20 Lite, a remarkable smartphone at a very affordable price.

Honor 20 Lite has a lot of special features including 3 rear cameras, the ability to take good photos in all conditions, youthful colors, eye-catching and a design that is not new but reaches the highest level of perfection. Honor also equipped a sufficient configuration, not too strong, ensuring a smooth experience and a generous internal memory. While the starting price is slightly higher than the Honor 10 Lite, the upgrades on the Honor 20 Lite are really worth it. With 5.99 million, it can be said that users have in hand a relatively perfect smartphone.


With so many competing brands and designs that are “akin”, to distinguish which is a better product and identify “which is the best”, the only way is simply based on the material. , color and finish level. At a price range of around 6 million, many products use a glass back with a metal frame but Honor still uses plastic. The use of “cheap” materials makes many people imagine not really good about this product, but keep in mind, the finish quality of the Honor 20 Lite reaches a very high level. The feeling of holding firmly, not creaking, monolithic and the back really balloons. Therefore, the use of the plastic back comes well done to help the machine remain sturdy and softer than using the glass.

Honor 20 Lite comes in two colors, with blue and poinsettia colors. The blue version is a unique gradient from blue to purple and makes a difference to the relatively boring gradients recently. And the poinsettia red version is called the imprint that Honor 20 Lite brings to the market. In addition to eye-catching colors, the back of the device is softly curved with large curving angles to create a feeling of holding hands, certainly despite the relatively large machine size.

Many people think that the design of Honor 20 Lite is similar to the P30 Lite, however, from the writer’s point of view, Honor’s device is more polished, the back is curved rather than flat and the camera assembly is less convex than with Huawei products. Besides, the bottom edge is curved to hold more comfortably than the flat design like on the P30 Lite. Unfortunately, the Honor 20 Lite still uses micro USB, which is not the Type-C that is popular today.

Another point that creates the maximum level of perfection for the Honor 20 Lite is the screen part. Chinese smartphones in the mid-range segment have a screen that protrudes higher than the frame, but for Honor 20 Lite, this thickness is very moderate, seamless and glossy. If there is a better solution for this price range, the Honor 20 Lite will outperform its inherent beauty.

In addition, the device is equipped with additional speakers with sufficient volume, neither too loud nor too small, clear sound with a neutral part. Of course, it is not possible to ask for a stereo speaker for VND 5.99 million. Honor 20 Lite still supports 3.5mm headphone jack and hybrid memory card slot, choose between 2 SIM and 1 SIM, 1 memory card. Here are some detailed images of the Honor 20 Lite.

Honor 20 Lite features a plastic back and edge design

The entire hard drive of the device is located on the right edge

On the top is a hybrid SIM tray with an optional microSD card tray

A good level of finish makes the Honor 20 Lite seamless, sturdy, but without the software

The bottom is the speaker, microphone, headphone jack 3.5mm and microUSB port

Front camera in the form of water drops helps optimize the display area up to nearly 90% of the front

The bottom of the screen border is minimalist, beautiful face


As mentioned above, the Honor 20 Lite is similar to the P30 Lite and is almost a direct competitive product at a cheaper price. Compared to competitors, Honor 20 Lite has a screen size of 6.21 inches, larger with Full HD + resolution, the ratio of 19.5: 9 is very popular today. It uses water droplet screen technology to optimize the display area, reaching up to 90% of the total front. The frontal area is reduced to a maximum of 32MP front camera.

The screen on Honor 20 Lite gives very good visibility in Full HD + resolution, images are reproduced crisp and detailed. From a conventional perspective, this resolution is just enough for a user to experience a smooth, non-porous image. Colors on the screen of Honor 20 Lite are not too bright, balanced. It also offers a variety of color modes in the settings as well as allowing custom color bias to suit each user. The default color tone, warm, cold, normal or bright color mode, you can optionally choose. The standard setting for this monitor is bright, and the default tone. The use of IPS panels provides wide viewing angles and high brightness to help the device work perfectly even when in large light sources or outdoors.

The 19.5: 9 aspect ratio screen provides more display space in web browsing, email or text reading, and brings entertainment near the cinema standard for users. The game play on a longer scale has gradually become familiar with users today, the space in the middle of the frame is wider, no longer narrow, which helps better observation. Another highlight on the Honor 20 Lite is the mid-range smartphone with the most minimal bezels, especially the chin. Compared to the Galaxy A50, Redmi Note 7 you will notice this clearly.

Overall, since the time Honor launched its first smartphone in Vietnam, the screen is still an advantage that cannot be ignored.


In 2017, Huawei introduced the global Kirin 710 mid-range processor line with GPU Turbo technology. So far, this processor is still used in many of its smartphones and Honor, and GPU Turbo has also reached version 2.0, more perfect. The combination of Kirin chip and GPU Turbo provides a smoother, more powerful experience while still saving energy thanks to smarter frame management. In other words, the solution that Huawei or Honor brings to the machine to save resources from redundant processing for graphics acceleration.

Honor 20 Lite is a “stable” smartphone for online MOBA gaming

20 Lite is Honor’s strategic product in Vietnam, so it owns the above mentioned hardware and technology pair with 4GB RAM, spacious memory up to 128GB with external memory card support. At 6 million, Honor really tried to bring the internal memory on par with the flagship models. With 128GB, we have enough space to store more games as well as high quality photos from the 24MP rear camera or 32MP front camera. The speed of the internal memory also reaches the read / write level is 284/219 MB / s, quite high. In addition to combining with the processor, RAM, GPU, the memory speed is also very important, providing fast data access, ensuring good multitasking and image editing will not have much of a delay problem. Basically, everything mentioned above makes a Honor 20 Lite relatively “perfect” for a price of less than 6 million.

One thing users should pay attention to when comparing benchmarks because GPU Turbo sometimes has no effect on different benchmark applications, this technology is really only effective when playing games with 40% frame rate increase. and maintain stability. For example, if you compare the benchmark score between Kirin 710 and Snapdragon 660 with Antutu Benchmark, the score will differ by 30,000 points and the GPU score will be relatively much a difference of 6,000 points (the benchmark on Honor 20 Lite is 131,426) but the difference actual gaming rates will not differ much. The Kirin 710 is more outstanding thanks to its cool, non-annoying gaming experience.

Experiment with popular MOBA games today like Lien Quan Mobile or MB: Bang Bang, the device can fight at the highest graphics settings, frame drops rarely occur even in 5vs5 combat phases with Many skill effects. GPU Turbo really did a good job at this part by keeping the frame steady. For more hardcore games like PUBG Mobile or Asphalt 9, you need to skillfully set the average graphics for a smoother experience.

Recorded in PUBG Mobile, the highest configuration receiver is HD with a high frame rate, the machine reaches 28fps, quite stable with a drop rate of just over 1%. In addition, other games were measured by specialized software GameBench Pro (you can refer to the product information and smartphones stored at www.gamebench.net)

Battery life

Only use 3400mAh battery but Honor 20 Lite for good usage time. For common tasks like browsing the web, listening to calls or listening to music, the Honor 20 Lite can last up to 2 days of use. Playing games and watching videos will also reduce battery life faster.

You can carry Honor 20 Lite all day long with relatively large battery capacity

With the continuous play of Mobile Legend: Bang Bang for 2 hours and 30 minutes, the device decreased from 100% to 50%, played PUBG Mobile for 1 hour 30 minutes, the device decreased by 35%, meanwhile, the device would run out of battery when watching videos continuously for nearly 10 hours. Tested with GameBench, the device can play Lien Quan Mobile continuously for 5.9 hours via WiFi with 65% screen brightness. The impressive parameters. Note, the use of 2 SIM will also cause the device to drop the battery about 15% faster than the above figures. A minus point is unfortunate when the machine only supports micro-USB port and no fast charging.


“Three lenses, triple the fun” is the message that Honor wants to send users with the Honor 20 Lite. The most significant change of the machine compared to its predecessor Honor 10 Lite is the camera cluster with a 24MP main sensor with f / 1.8 aperture, an ultra-wide-angle 8MP camera with f / 2.2 aperture and a 2MP camera to measure depth. Thus, with wide-angle sensor, Honor 20 Lite supports additional shooting angles, while helping users have more beautiful effects. Comes with a powerful camera application, many features and AI algorithms inherited from high-end smartphones.

Basically, taking photos on Honor 20 Lite is quite easy, all operations are available on the screen and the shutter speed is relatively fast. The photos are bright enough, the camera is very sharp, colorful, the operation of AI as well as HDR effectively with many different subjects, besides, Honor 20 Lite also supports zoom up to 6x, lossless processing perfect. It’s a bit of a pity that the wide-angle camera doesn’t really stand out in addition to providing effects as well as capturing more subjects in an image, colors are somewhat lighter but in return have good details. The ability to remove fonts when taking portraits is also impressive, the edges of the subject are handled neatly, with less error.

Camera application interface on Honor 20 Lite

In low light conditions, configuration weaknesses, Honor 20 Lite processing capabilities in particular, mid-range smartphones in general have been revealed, photos are still detailed, brightness is good thanks to a large aperture but quite noisy, Features such as wide-angle or background image removal are quite decent. Honor also offers a night shooting feature that allows you to take photos of different exposure values ​​continuously and thankfully, this feature works quite well despite its limited configuration and processing capabilities. Here are some sample images of Honor 20 Lite’s photography capabilities.

The colors reproduced are very good looking but not far from reality in bright enough conditions

Wide-angle camera helps collect more in a frame, combined with AI to create colorful photos despite the quality, parameters of wide-angle sensor unlike the main camera

However, the limitation of wide-angle camera lies in the ability to shoot at night

While the main camera shows relatively well


Smooth exposure, this is taken for capturing waterfall!

Do you see the frog?

The 6x zoom available on Honor 20 Lite will see

The biggest highlight of the Honor 20 Lite lies in the front sensor with 32MP resolution, f / 2.0 aperture with AI integration, multi-level beauty, font removal and HDR support. With this resolution, Honor 20 Lite is one of the smartphones with the most front-facing cameras on the market today, on par with Huawei P30 Pro. Perhaps not need to say much, this is a smartphone suitable for young people thanks to its great selfie ability, high detail, effective beauty, gentle without lying!

A few selfies

Instead of the conclusion

Honor didn’t start with a high-end smartphone but instead with the 20 Lite showing its strategic vision, accessible products will find a foothold thanks to the camera experience, design and good performance. . The arrival of Honor 20 Lite makes the mid-range segment more cramped than ever. Indeed, with the above evaluation, Honor 20 Lite is really the opponent that other smartphone models need to be wary of.

On hand Honor 20 Lite: A formidable opponent in the price segment of less than 6 million

(Techz.vn) Honor 20 Lite is the first smartphone of Honor 20 series to be introduced in Vietnam market. Machine owns a lot of advantages from the cluster of 3 rear cameras and 32MP front camera for only 5.99 million.


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