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Worms Rumble – Team17 serves you a last worm for its birthday

When Team17 announced a new Worms game for 2020, they were talking about it likea Worms like you’ve never played before. They have now officially announced Worms Rumble and yes, it is certainly not the usual game mechanics and so dear to the war worms franchise. It will be a real-time action game. The release of Worms Rumble is scheduled for the end of 2020 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC. This year, the franchise celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Worms Rumble will abandon the typical features of the series such as turn-based combat in favor of fast and dynamic action. There will be Deathmatch and Last Worm Standing modes. Behind the latter mode is actually a battle royale mode with 32 players. The developers announce that Worms Rumble will be cross-play, in other words, you can play it with your friends, whether or not they have the same console as you.

We warn you in advance, the game will contain micro-transactions. Real money will be used in the game to unlock skins for worms. Too bad the developers are committed to this economic model, especially since the game is not free-to-play. Worms Rumble will have an active life thanks to daily challenges and seasonal events. On the familiar side, the developers say that you can detonate your invertebrate enemies with a plethora of weapons from the whole series like the bazooka, the shotgun and the holy grenade. Hallelujah!

Although not visible in the trailer above, the developers have confirmed that the title will include destructible elements. Indeed, in the comments section of the video, they add that there are parts of the card that are completely destructible. If you want to try your hand at Worms Rumble as soon as possible, you can register on the official site for the beta version on PC. Team 17 announces that the tests will start on July 15 and will only last five days. This phase will be the first and last test to refine the game before its final launch.

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