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World soccer days to remember in the New Year

The major world football events will take place during the New Ox year and if nothing ever changes, these important dates are set.

World sports in general and world football in particular have gone through a year of Canh Ty with many difficulties. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a heavy impact not only on finance but also on the schedule of major tournaments.

EURO and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics were put on hold because of Covid-19 (Image: Internet)

Tokyo 2020 Olympics and EURO 2020 have been forced to reschedule the competition to 2021. And the coming year of the New Ox will promise to be a busy year of world football. Here are the key milestones of world football in the coming year. (The calendar starts from January 1, Tan Suu year, February 12, 2021).


February 17: Champions League knockout round.

February 19: Kick the Europa League knockout round

February 28: British League Cup Final


March 24-25, 27-28, 30-31: World Cup qualifiers 2022


April 4: Final of the Spanish King’s Cup for the 2019/20 season.

April 18: Spanish King’s Cup Final 2020/21.


May 9: The last round of EFL.

May 15: FA Cup final.

May 26: Europa League final.

May 29-31: Kick Play-off EFL

May 29: Champions League final


June 11: Opening of EURO 2020.

June 11: Opening of the Copa America.


July 11: Euro 2020 final.

7/11: Copa America final.

July 21: Men’s soccer kick-off at Olympic 2020.


August 7: Olympic men’s soccer final 2020.


September 1-2, 4-5, 7-8: Kick the World Cup qualifiers 2022.


Oct 8-9, 11-12: Kick the World Cup qualifiers 2022.

10/10: UEFA Nations League Final.


November 11-16: Kick the World Cup qualifiers 2022.


FIFA Club World Cup 2021 in Japan (unspecified time)

January (2022)

1/1: 2022 winter transfer market opens

(Note: The schedule is subject to change. We will update quickly and accurately)

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