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Nearly 6 years ago, a restaurant in Jerusalem launched a 50% discount policy for those who come to eat without using a phone. From then on, many restaurants all over the world, including Vietnam also offer preferential programs for guests who say no to the phone when they come to the restaurant.

One of the things that is being strongly condemned today is that people are too dependent on smartphones. Going on the road also smartphones, coffee with relatives and friends also smartphone so that everyone can plug in to take pictures, share on social networks, then comment together while sitting right in front of each other, wc also smartphone and went to bed with a smartphone. Recently, young people assign each other the title "virtual living". Sitting in front of each other, not talking to each other but want to tell the world where you are, the hotel restaurant, what stars, what to eat …

Smartphone is an isolated object, it is important and very helpful for modern life that is undeniable, but something too much is not good.

There are places, the appearance of smartphones is really a pervert. Try imagining the couple preparing to kiss each other, the phone ringing ripples the romantic atmosphere. In the church, the cathedral bells rang out, accompanied by a loud ringtone of the phone.

There is a cafe in Saigon, every evening is playing a very romantic piano. And the principle of the restaurant is exactly 19h will turn off Wi-Fi. There is another shop that is very straightforward when leaving the sign "Our shop does not have Wi-Fi. Let's pretend to be in 1995. ” Of course, without Wi-Fi, you can turn on 3G, but it is a real warning that relatives, friends or co-workers are right in front of you, really communicate with them. live virtual "anymore.

Save memorable moments if it's your birthday, the anniversary of the two lovers or a special occasion. That's perfectly fine, but let the phone do its job and put it aside.

Certainly, life is getting more and more difficult and hard. Do what you are forgetting like:

How long have you not written a hand card to give to someone?

How long have you been traveling but not a resort or an expensive luxury?

How long have you not rewarded yourself with something you really loved by saving up to buy it?

How long have you not decorated something new for your room or house?

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There are people you have not seen for a long time, why don't you meet at least one person every week?
Phones will only be encouraged in the following contexts:

How often do you call your parents who are at home once? Call them more and take advantage of the smartphone feature in the phone to see pictures like Facetime, Zalo … to see their parents are still healthy, they still laugh and their nephews are still mischievous.

Spend more time exercising and use your smartphone to figure out how many kilometers you have run, how much calories are released, how much more today you have to run tomorrow, how much you have to run tomorrow …

Technology is born to serve people but then people become slaves of technology. It's time to "disconnect to connect really" (Disconnect to connect, a strong ongoing campaign on the Internet to call people to interact more without having to go through smartphones).


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