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World last week: The impeachment of President Trump and the US-Korea resumed negotiations

Trouble impeaching the president

US Democratic lawmakers on October 4 sent a summons to the White House to provide documents regarding allegations that President Donald Trump pressured his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelenskiy to discredit Mr. Joe Biden – a major Democratic opponent in the 2020 election season – and his son, businessman Hunter Biden.

The request came after three House committees in charge of the investigation filed a request to supply Vice President Mike Pence's documents to serve the investigation of impeachment of Mr. Trump and the conversation of he with the President of Ukraine.

US President Donald Trump. Photo: AFP

Vice Chairman of the US House of Supervision Committee, Elijah Cummings, asked the White House to hand over a series of documents and record a conversation related to Mr. Trump's July 25 call with the Ukrainian leader, along with the an effort by Trump's own lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, to force Ukraine to open an investigation into Joe Biden and Burisma, the recruitment company Hunter Biden.

In a statement, presidents of three House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, and Supervisory Committees stated: “The White House has refused to respond to requests from our committees for voluntarily providing. documents for investigation. After nearly a month of deadlock, President Trump has clearly chosen the path of challenge, obstruction and concealment. We deeply regret that President Trump put us and the country in this situation, but his actions left us with no choice but to request cooperation. ”

The above committees sent a letter to White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney asking him to deliver the documents to them before October 18.

However, the White House underestimated the order. "The warrant did not change anything – it only added documents, wasted time and taxes on the people and ultimately showed President Trump doing nothing wrong," White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham declare.

The fact that the three chairmen of the House of Representatives committee sent a request to Vice President Pence to send documents before October 15 showed that he may also have to be subpoenaed if he did not voluntarily provide documents for the investigation.

Last month, instead of going to Warsaw to meet his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky, Mr. Trump decided to stay in the United States to track the damage caused by Typhoon Dorian, and send Mr. Pence to replace him and meet directly with the Ukraine leader . This move has put Pence at the center of the scandal leading to the investigation of the US House of Representatives today.

Vice President Mike Pence's spokesman said the Democratic letter was "not a serious offer".

The Trump administration also fired a signal that it had no intention of cooperating with the House of Representatives in the investigation. The White House boss said on Wednesday that he would send a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about the issue. His lawyers are drafting a letter confirming they do not have to produce documents until the entire House of Representatives votes to open impeachment investigations, which Ms Pelosi said was unnecessary in Ha's regulations. institute.

On October 3, President Donald Trump publicly stated that China should investigate Joe Biden. According to him, both China and Ukraine should pay attention to presidential candidate Biden and his son businessman businessman Biden Biden, and described the impeachment investigation against him as "bullshit". "China needs to start an investigation into the Biden house because what happened in China is as bad as it happened in Ukraine," he said.

US – North Korea resumed negotiations

On October 5 in Sweden, the United States and North Korea resumed expert-level nuclear talks after months of being in deadlock.

Yonhap news agency reported that this latest event marked the first official meeting between the two sides after the US-Korea Summit in Hanoi ended in February without reaching an agreement because of major disagreements. .

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Cars carrying a Korean delegation to the Villa Elfvik Strand convention center on October 5. Photo: Yonhap

US special envoy to North Korea Stephen Biegun and his Korean counterpart Kim Myong-gil met at the Villa Elfvik Strand convention center in Lidingo, northeast of Stockholm.

The two men exchanged basic views. When asked whether he was optimistic about the talks, North Korean representative Kim Myong-gil told reporters: "Let's wait and see."

One day ago, the deputy heads of the two countries' negotiating teams, Mr. Mark Lambert and Kwon Jong-gun, had a preliminary contact on the outskirts of Stockholm to discuss administrative issues for the resumption of official negotiations. The pre-negotiation session was said to be "cordial and effective".

The new nuclear talks will focus on how to make substantial progress in implementing the landmark deal that leaders Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un reached at their first summit. first in Singapore last June.

The agreement includes a series of commitments to build new bilateral relations, to make joint efforts to build stable and lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula, as well as towards "denuclearization". comprehensive ”area.

Clear progress from the latest talks is expected to pave the way for the third summit between Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim. Before the expert-level talks on October 5, North Korean chief Kim Myong-gil said he had high hopes and optimism for the event.

In recent weeks, messages from US officials have also raised optimism about a compromise with Pyongyang. President Trump made statements that contained the message he welcomed Pyongyang by phone calling to discuss "a new means of calculation". Meanwhile, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo echoed the same view, such as having a "bright future" about the nuclear-free North Korea.

Citing two U.S. officials, Time magazine said Trump was prepared to propose to Kim Jong-un about the suspension of UN sanctions on North Korea's textile and coal exports. for three years if Pyongyang agrees to dismantle its Yongbyon nuclear facility and stop enriching uranium.

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