Word-of-mouth counterattack, what did the third test of “Love of Light and Night” do right?

Revenue exceeded 12 billion yuan, accounting for about 30% of the overall female-to-gaming market scale-this is the answer that China Otome Games will hand over in 2020.

It is not difficult to see that the potential of women in the market is huge, and the “Otome” category can be regarded as the mainstay. In contrast to the huge market potential, it is the scarcity of top products, but the characteristics of high user viscosity and strong payment capabilities continue to attract major manufacturers. However, until 2019, the market is still in a state of reclaiming. Although Otome games that have been launched in recent years have their own characteristics, they have not been able to shake the status of the head product.

The situation of “more porridge and less monk” also stimulates manufacturers to polish the quality of the game more carefully, and in-depth study the core needs of Otome players. From the perspective of the game top, if you want to stand out from the Otome game, you need to focus on polishing the core love experience while achieving the ultimate in details such as music, art, character personality, and interaction methods, leaving players with memory.

The “Love of Light and Night”, which just ended its third test, performed well in these aspects and won the recognition of the product from a lot of players. It shows a high degree of immersion in love, or there is a chance to win a place in the Otome market.

Break the boat, concentrate on optimizing the product for 8 months

“The Love of Light and Night” first revealed the theme of “Goose Factory Self-study and Tour”, well-known CVs at home and abroad, soundtracks by well-known composers in the industry, unique Korean art style, and “fantasy + advanced workplace” theme , Gained great attention from players.

In the just-concluded three tests, “Love of Light and Night” has been widely praised by players. The positive evaluation of TapTap is dozens of times greater than the negative evaluation. The plot, art, gameplay, CV, etc. have all been recognized and loved by the players. .

But in fact, as early as the second test stage, the game’s reviews are completely different. The plot was spit out because of Mary Su, and it was widely circulated among the Otome player community. Fortunately, the R&D team learned from the pain, listened to player feedback, and formulated a tuning plan. After 8 months of concentration, the game has been drastically improved. The author mainly felt the following adjustments:

The main storyline was rewritten. Focus on improving the rationality of the story development, and also cut or modify some content as appropriate, such as part of the workplace plot that has been criticized by players, and one of the male protagonists being poured 29 cups of coffee to enhance the player’s sense of substitution and comfort.

The copywriting was reinvented. Including typos, grammatical problems, accuracy of language description, inappropriate words, etc., a total of more than 300,000 characters have been polished to ensure that players have a good reading experience.

Art resources are iteratively upgraded. On the one hand, it optimizes and improves the quality of some card faces and character drawing, on the other hand, it improves the UI interface, scenes and other art resources. The icon layout is restrained and not messy, simple and advanced.

In addition, the R&D team has also adjusted its card system, added some surprise small gameplay, and strengthened the advantage of the game’s emotional interaction, thereby improving the overall quality of the game and enriching the player’s sense of love.

The workload of each of the above optimizations is huge, and it takes a lot of time and money, which shows the sincerity and determination of the project team.

To make up for the shortcomings, in order to hand in a more satisfactory answer

It is true that the second test of “The Love of Light and Night” was not all shortcomings. For example, the vivid and three-dimensional male host design won the praise of most players. Otherwise, the official optimization plan stated that under Weibo, there will not be a large number of voices expressing “I hope the male host’s setting will not be changed.”

But games are a form of entertainment that focuses on comprehensive experience. During the development process, content choices will bring about completely different results. It is not easy to make a perfect Otome game. Due to serious flaws in the plot during the second test, players focused on the shortcomings, leading to the neglect of the main art and music selling points in the product promotion, and the sense of surprise brought by the male host’s design was also affected by the problematic copywriting during the game. dilute.

After drastic optimization, how about the performance of “Love of Light and Night” in the third test?

From the perspective of the core of the three Otome games: plot, copywriting, and hero setting-the plot has been rewritten to abandon Mary Su and the unreasonable workplace plot. The process of meeting and falling in love with the hero is logical and gradual. , “I” life in Guangqi City is also more real. For example, when “I” and Lu Chen met for the first time, Lu Chen turned from a hapless ghost who was affected by “I” into a rescuer who extended a helping hand in times of crisis; let the encounter between “I” and Lu Chen forcibly create conflicts and conflicts from Mary Su. The plot has become a heart-beating experience after a crisis. While rationalizing the plot, it also enhances the overall realism of the game.

In terms of copywriting, from the description of the scene and the characterization of the character, it can be felt that the task of “rewriting” is not simply completed, but the dialogue and plot design have been carefully studied, so that the player can follow the text. Substitute into the plot to deepen the player’s feelings invested in them.

For example, Qi Sili, one of the male protagonists, is not easy to control the copywriting of the arrogant and poisonous person, so he was also joked by the players as “you are angry” during the second test. However, after the three-test copy was polished, it was reasonable and well-founded to deny “I”, and when expressing love was arrogant and cute, it succeeded in making the player “true fragrance” and harvested a large wave of affectionate confession.

Person design inherits the advantage of “de-routineization”. For example, Qi Sili’s arrogant and poisonous tongue is always straight to the point and convincing; President Lu Chen is not only not domineering, but careful and gentle, and the gentleman’s appearance hides the dark attribute of “white cut black”; plus the handsome race car. Hand Xiao Yi, “Sand Sculpture” fiance Charlie Su, always has a charm that can poke the player’s heart.

The determination to break the boat and the persistence to continuously polish the product made “The Love of Light and Night” presented a satisfactory answer for the players in the third test. When the players found that the product not only completed the promised copywriting with high quality, but also brought more surprises and optimizations based on this, they began to actively look for the shining points in the game, and spontaneously carried out “Amway” to make the game reputation Significantly improved.

On the basis of creativity, insight into the changing preferences of female players

From the above-mentioned “Love of Light and Night”‘s new shaping of the plot and copywriting, we can also see that the current female users’ preferences for content are actually constantly changing: from tending to the more exaggerated dramatic development in the story, to more Pay attention to the rationality of the gradual progress of the whole story and the characters’ emotions; from the fairy-tale love of the “prince saves the princess” to the equal feelings that both parties pay equally. They need to be respected, not satisfied with simple company, and eager to take the initiative.

Providing a good plot experience for these users who do not lack game experience is the first principle that all developers need to follow. To this end, developers need to start from a female perspective and convey the “three views” in line with core users through the plot, so that players can better integrate into the plot and substitute themselves. In addition, it is necessary to polish the emotional interaction system from the shallower to the deeper and nuanced, and to naturalize the connection between the plot and the gameplay, in order to provide players with a delicate sense of love substitution.

For example, in the game “The Love of Light and Night”, a real “Mobile WeChat” is simulated, and it is available for chat, video, and Moments. Every chat and video call between “I” and the male protagonist closely follows the trend of the plot, step by step, and the transition is natural. After the optimization of the three-test male lead interactive system, “I” can even take the initiative to make video calls to the male lead, and the calls made at different times will be presented in different scenarios, and the love experience will be more realistic and immersive.

Another thing worth mentioning is the “Heart Encounter” system, which has rich encounters and dating plots for “I” to interact with the male protagonist. In the encounter, the game will lead the “I” step by step into the secret heartbeat of dating through the overall visual and auditory feelings. Then, at the key plot point, let “I” interact with the male protagonists through the three interactive methods of “intimacy”, “calling” and “heartbeat”. “I” can also have throbbing, ambiguous, and ambiguous interactions with the male protagonists. Romance, lust and other love-related feelings.

For example, in Xiao Yi’s “Gorgeous Battle” dating plot, the game will guide the player “How can I congratulate Xiao Yi?”, the player can freely choose the interaction method to trigger the next interaction. This design not only increases the sense of substitution, but also simulates some private little thoughts in real dating, thereby creating an immersive love experience.

Like mainstream Otome products, “Love of Light and Night” focuses on card level design and special plot design. In terms of core combat gameplay, “Love of Light and Night” sets up a more innovative sound-like gameplay based on excellent game music. Buttons, scissors and other buttons are designed to fit the theme and ingenious. At the same time, creative gadgets are rich and interesting, such as the new “My Clothes and Makeup” in the third test, which gives “me” the freedom to create a personalized appearance; “study trip” uses “I” From the perspective of learning and learning everywhere, I have created a number of fashion classroom short stories, which are entertaining and entertaining, and are very popular with players.

These small gameplays have shaped the real Guangqi City for players from all sides, and also enabled players to receive fashion and design-related elements from time to time, and strengthened the sense of substitution for the identity of the “newcomer designer”. These little gameplays that have been rationalized and creatively integrated into the game have achieved the effect of 1+1>2.

Regain market expectations

Compared with the competitors announced in the same period, “The Love of Light and Night” can be said to be long overdue. But judging from the results of the third test, we can at least say that the hard work of the project team over the past 8 months has not been wasted, and the players have not given their trust and expectations in vain.

They understand the player’s quality requirements for the plot, personality, and gameplay, respect the player’s in-depth emotional interaction needs, and can concentrate on polishing the highly immersive love experience, so at the end of the third test, the player will be reluctant to give up, and we too Therefore, the expectation for potential products has been regained.

In fact, Tencent does not have a market advantage in the feminine category of the pan-two-dimensional circuit. Whenever this head manufacturer lays out a new track, it will probably receive a very strict judgment from the players: “Do you know the players?”

Judging from the three-test version, the art, character design, CV, and UI have all become perfect and are recognized by the core circles. After the plot and copywriting content conform to the mainstream aesthetics, the narrative ability can be highlighted, which makes people look forward to the long-term development of its game content.

“The Love of Light and Night”, as a self-developed original two-dimensional product of Tencent, is also burdened with the goal of developing new categories for Tencent and reassurance for the layout of the two-dimensional track-this is why they retreat 8 The monthly remake is just for presenting a high-quality Otome game. For products that insist on quality and listen carefully to player feedback, players have also shown sufficient tolerance and recognition. As for the public beta, we will wait and see.

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