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Wooden Camera Canon C70 Accessories

Wooden Camera has a range of new accessories for the Canon C70. These include everything from top plates, to baseplates, to power and audio adapters.

So, let’s jump in and see what is on offer.

Top Plate

The Top Plate for the C70 attaches using the standard screw that you would use to attach the Canon handle to the camera.

The Top Plate is essentially a cheese plate that contours to the top of the camera body. It features multiple ¼”-20 screw hole arrays along the top and sides and multiple ⅜”-16 screw holes with ARRI standard accessory mounts.

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There is also a Cold Shoe offset which you can use to attach microphones, small lights, etc.

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It seems as if you could still use the original C70 top handle if you are using this Top Plate, but Wooden camera also makes a replacement.

The Top Plate weighs in at 150g (0.3 lbs) and it retails for $299 USD.

Mini Top Handle

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The Mini Top Handle attaches to the C70 where you would attach the original included Canon top handle. You turn the attachment thumbwheel to tighten a ¼”-20 screw into the hot shoe’s mounting point.