Women's Heart Holly See-Through, Sleeveless..BTS Jimin,'Butter' 2nd Concept Photo'Like ♥', the shortest breakthrough of 1 million

Women’s Heart Holly See-Through, Sleeveless..BTS Jimin,’Butter’ 2nd Concept Photo’Like ♥’, the shortest breakthrough of 1 million

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BTS’ Jimin captured fans with the second teaser photo of the new single’Butter’, surpassing 1 million likes.

Bulletproof Boy Scouts released their second personal concept photo of the new single’Butter’, which will be released on the 21st through official SNS on the 17th at 0:00.

Jimin of the’Rainbow Hair’ style, which has garnered a lot of attention from the time the first concept photo was released, shook the hearts of fans once again with a second photo with a charm contrary to the first concept photo with a dandy charm.

Jimin wore an all-back rainbow hairstyle with a black long sleeve and a white sleeveless T-shirt with a frill decoration. Jimin exudes sexy masculine beauty with a straight long neckline and a sharp jawline.


Jimin, looking straight ahead with milky skin and deep eyes, created a mature masculine beauty and a novice atmosphere at the same time.

Jimin’s concept photo was the first to break through 1 million’Like’ in 32 minutes out of the 7 second teaser photos that were simultaneously released on Instagram.

Fans said, “See-through and sleeveless are all dead”, “A pictorial artisan”, “It’s a long and beautiful neckline art that has risen above the frills”, “The colorful decoration is not awkward,” “I’m so excited for a music video”, “Stage I want to see you soon” and so on, and this led to Twitter real-time trending.

More than 15 trends, including PARK JIMIN, #btsjimin??, ?Jimins, ?OMG PARK JIMIN, etc., have been trending in 15 countries such as Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore, and have been ranked in the top of the Japanese celebrity ranking Twipple.

It has been shown that it is at the center of the topic, reaching 100% several times in all categories of interest over time in the worldwide and US Google search engines.

While expressing deep interest in the official account of the World Music Awards and’AKpraisemedia’, there is great expectation for Jimin’s appearance in the music video of the new single’Butter’ to be released on the 21st.

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