Woman violently attacked in Potton Dog owner freed after 43 days

Woman violently attacked in Potton Dog owner freed after 43 days

After only 43 days behind bars, the owner of the dogs who had savagely attacked a jogger in Potton, Estrie, was released on Friday. He only served a quarter of his sentence, to the great discouragement of the victim.

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Dominique Alain received a call from Sherbrooke prison on Friday morning advising him that Alan Barnes was going to be released during the day.

“This legal system is a real comedy! It’s hard for me. As a victim you are in pain and everything is back to normal, ”she told the TVA Nouvelles camera.

On March 29, 2019, Dominique Alain was caught by Alan Barnes’ three dogs as she jogged on her way to the airport in Potton. She spent months in the hospital and had countless reconstructive surgeries.

On January 7, Alan Barnes was sentenced to six months less a day in prison after pleading guilty to criminal negligence. Forty-three days later, the owner of the dogs is again a free man.

“It’s disgusting that the sentence has been reduced to 43 days,” said Jacques Marcoux, who was mayor of Potton at the time of the attack and who had supported the victim’s family.

“This woman has lived through a hellish event and will have to live with after-effects all her life. Forty-three days in prison is clearly insufficient, ”he continued.

In Quebec, inmates assigned to prison terms of less than six months do not have to go before the parole board.

“The decision to release Alan Barnes rested with the prison director. At one-sixth of the sentence, it is frequent for individuals who are not notorious criminals who may be an asset for society and who have had good behavior in prison, ”said criminal lawyer Me François-David Bernier.

“I understand the frustration of the victims, but we must remember that our system is based on rehabilitation and that a stay in prison is meaningful, no matter how long,” added the lawyer.

Community work

Alan Barnes will now have to perform the 240 hours of community service imposed on him last January. Remember that he is prohibited from having a dog for the rest of his life and that the three dogs which participated in the attack were euthanized.


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