Wolfsburg vs Dortmund results, Wolfsburg vs Dortmund, football results, Germany football
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Wolfsburg vs Dortmund Results: The victory was light

Despite being a guest, Dortmund still pushed up the team and put great pressure on Wolfsburg’s goal from the first minute. This is understandable because Dortmund has a superior force, and Wolfsburg must play at home without an audience.

After many braking attempts, Dortmund also found the opening goal in the 32nd minute. From a beautiful combination on the right, Hazard made a cross but Haaland definitely did not hit the ball. However, Guerreiro arrived just in time to ease the ball into Wolfsburg.

Having a goal in the lead, Dortmund still prevailed. However, the first 45 minutes ended with 1 goal scored.

After the break, Wolfsburg soon had a good chance to find the equalizer. However, midfielder Renato Steffen on the home side hit the crossbar in the face of goalkeeper Burki.

In the following minutes, Wolfsburg still played hard to make Dortmund have a lot of difficulties in deploying the game. This forced Farve coach to launch Jadon Sancho, the player who is the number one transfer target of MU, on the field in the 65th minute.

Just over 10 minutes on the field, Sancho immediately made his mark. In the 78th minute, the young English star had a clever move and speed from the middle of the field before passing the ball smoothly to Hakimi to cross the corner to beat the Casteels goalkeeper.

Wolfsburg vs Dortmund results, Wolfsburg vs Dortmund, football results, Germany football

2 goals behind, Wolfsburg was almost devastated by this time. Not only that, the home team had to play a lack of people in the 82nd minute when Klaus was shown a red card after a foul on Akanji on Dortmund. However, no goals were scored in the remaining minutes.

In the end, Dortmund beat Wolfsburg 2-0. With this victory, Farve’s team earned 57 points, only 1 point less than the top team Bayern Munich but played more than 1 match.

Final score: Wolfsburg 0-2 Dortmund

Line-ups Wolfsburg vs Dortmund

– Wolfsburg (4-4-2): Casteels; Mbabu, Brooks, Pongracic, Roussilon; Steffen, Arnold, Schlager, Mehmedi; Ginczek, Weghorst

– Dortmund (3-4-3): Burki; Piszczek, Hummels, Akanji; Hakimi, Dahoud, Delaney, Guerreiro; Brandt, Haaland, Hazard

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TIME OUT!!! GENERAL OF Wolfsburg 0-2 Dortmund

90 ‘: EVEN

2nd half compensates 4 minutes.

86 ‘: NO

Steffen goes well and plays well on the left. However, his horizontal line did not have any teammates inside.

83 ‘: RED CARD

When the player came in, Klaus kicked into the copper tube of midfielder Akanji on Dortmund. After consulting VAR, the referee decided to withdraw a red card with the player on Wolfsburg.

77 ‘: IN !!! Wolfsburg 0-2 Dortmund

Sancho made a clever move and speed before passing the ball smoothly to Hakimi to cross the corner to beat the goalkeeper. Casteels.


Hakimi made a cross on the back of Wolfsburg midfielder in the penalty area, but the referee only gave Dortmund a corner instead of a penalty.

71 ‘: NOT IN

In a quick counterattack, Sancho and Guerreiro launched one shot but could not help Dortmund increase the gap. Before that, it was a great effort by Haaland.

65 ‘: CHANGE

Sancho, the transfer target of MU and Chelsea, was launched on the pitch instead of Brandt.

62 ‘: RESCUE

From the position of the second line, Steffen made a beautiful volley but goalkeeper Burki saved brilliantly for Dortmund.

57 ‘: NO

On the free kick, Arnold made a straight kick but did not cross the fence of the yellow shirt team.

53 ‘: NO

Dahoud made a slot but could not reach Haaland.


Steffen escaped to face goalkeeper Burki but the Swiss player hit the crossbar with a goal.

45 & # 39;: CHANGE

Hummels leaves the field to make way for Emre Can.





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