Wolfgang Porsche – The creator of the Porsche brand name

Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, Chairman of the Advisory Board of Porsche Automobil Holding SE and Dr. Ing. HcF Porsche AG celebrates its 75th birthday.

Born in Stuttgart, the youngest son of Dorothea and Ferry Porsche has been with the sports car manufacturer’s Advisory Board for 40 years since 1978.

Over the past decades, Mr. Wolfgang Porsche has been a key influence on all of the company’s key decisions, including the strategic reorganization and restructuring of Porsche AG in 1992, expand the product portfolio to complete new models and models such as the Boxster, Cayenne, Panamera, Macan and the sports electric car of the future, Mission E, as well as the 2005 investment in Volkswagen AG Porsche SE is the largest shareholder, holding 52.2% of the common stock at Volkswagen AG.

Dr. Wolfgang Porsche (2016) next to the 356 B in front of the Porsche Mansion in Stuttgart.


Mr. Wolfgang Porsche remains the continuation of the legacy of his deceased father and grandfather, as well as balancing and integrating areas of interest to family members.

Dr. Wolfgang Porsche (1956, lying) with his father – Mr. Ferry Porsche (plaid hat) and Mr. Hans Klauser (light-colored hat) at the pit area of ​​the 24-Hour Le Mans race.

Mr. Wolfgang Porsche was born on May 10, 1943 in Stuttgart. He spent the first 6 and a half years of his life living in “Schüttgut” in Zell am See, Austria, a property owned by his grandfather Ferdinand Porsche. In 1950, his family returned to Stuttgart. In 1965, he graduated from Odenwaldschule High School. He continued his studies and graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration at the World Trade University in Vienna. In 1973, he received his doctorate in commercial science.

Dr. Wolfgang Porsche (1953, front) with his brothers: Mr. Hans-Peter (left), Mr. Ferdinand Alexander (right) and his father – Mr. Ferry Porsche (center).

He started his career as an independent businessman. As a managing partner of JAMOTO, he has become an importer of Yamaha motorcycles in Austria and Hungary. In 1976, he joined what was then Daimler-Benz AG in Stuttgart as Head of Sales in various regions for five years. In 1978, he was appointed to the Advisory Board of Porsche AG, where he supported his father, Ferry Porsche.

Dr. Wolfgang Porsche (1953, right) with his brothers (left): Mr. Hans-Peter, Mr. Ferdinand Alexander and Mr. Gerhard on the Porsche 550 Spyder.

After his father’s death in 1998, the Porsche family sent him as their spokesperson. In January 2007, he became Chairman of the Advisory Board of Porsche AG. When Porsche Automobil Holding SE was established in June 2007, he was also selected as Chairman of the company’s Advisory Board. He was also a member of the Volkswagen AG Advisory Board in Wolfburg from 24 April 2008 as well as the Audi AG Advisory Board in Ingolstadt since 10 May 2012.

Dr. Wolfgang Porsche (2017) at the World Endurance Championship in Bahrain.


Currently, Mr. Wolfgang Porsche spends his time in both Salzburg and “Schüttgut” at Zell am See. He has 4 children and 4 grandchildren. In Salzburg, Austria, he runs the Alpine organic farm with 200 heads of cattle. Ever since he was a teenager, he has shown a passion for his family’s company sports cars. Over the decades, this passion has allowed the collection of rare Porsche models he often drives to increase in number.

Huynh Nguyen
* Source: Businessman +


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