Witness the Russians testing the conversion of internal combustion engines into ... steam engines

Witness the Russians testing the conversion of internal combustion engines into … steam engines

The world of the internet would be boring without funny Russian people who like to experiment with strange things like the Garage 54 team. In a new video, they decide to perform an utopian experiment that is transformative. successful an internal combustion engine into a … steam engine.

The video “Garage 54” converts internal combustion engines into steam engines and test runs

Yes, the entire Garage 54 team faced great risk, injury or even death during the test if something went wrong. However, they succeeded and proved their point: with just a few “simple” adjustments, they could immediately make the car run on steam.

The car brought to be a “white mouse” this time is a Lada Samara that Garage 54 has removed many original machine parts, and then replaced with a coal burner and a cracking container, along with pipes. to put steam into the engine.

Photos cut out from video

The video is relatively long, but it is worth watching because it describes in detail the steps taken and is also humorous. Needless to say, although Garage 54 finally has a successful experiment and proves to everyone that the transformation is not too complicated, the aesthetic aspect of the car is a complete story. completely different. The homemade Lada steam engine here is ugly, and monstrous.

Not stopping there, the Russian team also suggested that to make the car run longer or even steep, it needs a bigger engine and more pressure. However, the Lada car and its makeshift steam engine system only had a limited standing capacity, so Garage 54 did not dare to make any mess for fear that it would explode.

An internal combustion engine can easily be converted into a steam engine,“Said the driver at the end of the experiment. He also emphasized that when running on steam, the car makes no noise and less vibration than when running on regular gasoline. Besides, the scene of steam rising from the exhaust is also very eye-catching.

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