Without Russia, Europe would get nothing in the Arctic

Without Russia, Europe would get nothing in the Arctic

The European Union (EU) will have to cooperate with Russia in the Arctic if it wants to access the natural resources in the region and achieve success in addressing environmental issues and impacts. Security issue in the Arctic Ocean.

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Russia wants to cooperate with other countries to explore the Arctic.

Despite the complicated geopolitical situation around the world, the Arctic is still a region of low tension, said Judy Dempsey, editor-in-chief of Strategic Europe magazine. She also said that the role of President of Russia’s Arctic Council in the period 2021-2023 will open opportunities for the EU in the Arctic.

European Council President Carl Bildt also agreed with Judy Dempsey’s judgment. He recognized the importance of Russian projects for the exploration and development of the North Sea Route for Europe. Remember, the shortest trade route between Europe and Asia passes through the Arctic Ocean, where most of it passes through Russia’s exclusive economic zone.

Second, the development of the EU economy requires a huge supply of energy that only Russia can provide, including the oil and gas reserves on the Arctic territory.

However, some European experts perceive a threat to EU security as the United States continuously strengthens its military presence in the Arctic and the participation of allies in the Arctic Council.

Washington’s desire to gain control of the transit routes north between the Pacific and Atlantic has forced Russia to take strong measures to protect its interests in the Arctic. Furthermore, US military operations are forcing allied states to follow Washington’s lead, increasing their military spending.

In addition, the US propagated against Russia, so it continuously deployed forces in European countries, especially those near the Arctic region. For example, they deployed a squadron of US B-1B Lancer strategic bombers to Orlando airbase and continued training for US Marines in northern Norway, even though the country did. decided to cancel the exercises Viking – 2021 due to epidemic COVID-19.

Juha Jokela, director of the EU program at the Finnish Institute of International Relations, said that although the militarization of the Arctic is rapidly increasing, this is an opportunity for the EU to cooperate with Russia.

According to Juh Jokela, Russia’s role as chairman of the Arctic Council of Russia will give Europe an opportunity to promote initiatives to manage Arctic environmental change and risks associated with economic activity. are on the rise in the region.

Meanwhile, European experts say that the EU can achieve certain success in the Arctic only if mutual trust is strengthened between all European countries. However, the EU’s enactment of fishing quotas on the Spitsbergen island area clearly shows that European countries still do not understand and trust each other.

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