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With US police, Android phones are harder to penetrate than iPhones

According to the Forbes, sources from US investigating agencies show that it is increasingly difficult to penetrate Google phones using Android OS, even more difficult than "hacking". Iphone of the Apple.

In the arrest of Angel Angulo's drug trafficking suspect in January 2019, US police confiscated an LG phone using the Android operating system. Agents of the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) have the right to force Angulo to unlock the screen with face recognition or fingerprint scanning.

However, the tools and techniques that ATF has in hand cannot help agents gain access to this smartphone. The agency is asking for an extension of the investigation for another 120 days to get evidence in the phone.

Android phones are more difficult to penetrate. Image: BGR.

Some sources from US investigating agencies revealed to Forbes that Google's operating system is becoming more secure and becomes too difficult to penetrate. "Some people rate the iPhone as unsecured with an Android phone," said a source.

Vladimir Katalov – CEO of Russia's Elcomsoft Company – said that Google has installed many security features for the Android operating system over the past time. One of the outstanding improvements of Android is Secure Startup – a tool to encrypt data inside your phone.

A source from the US authorities said that once the police had invaded an iPhone, similar techniques could be used to "hack" all other iPhones. Because iPhone has only one manufacturer, Apple.

But this method cannot be applied to Android phones, because of the fragmentation of this operating system. The number of manufacturers and Android phones is huge. Each manufacturer has a different phone software update schedule.

Therefore, police or American forensic experts can invade a Google Pixel, but cannot use the technique used to "slip" into an Android phone from Samsung or LG.

Peter Sommer, a digital forensic professor at Birmingham University (UK), said: "It is possible to open some Android phones by normal methods, but each new model contains a different feature. Moreover, the new Android models are improved with higher security features.


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