With the new Mac Pro, Apple finally erased the design mistake they made six years ago - Photo 1.

With the new Mac Pro, Apple finally erased the design mistake they made six years ago

The launch of the new Mac Pro with this new design is like an implicit acknowledgment by CEO Tim Cook and Apple that they made a big mistake with the previous generation Mac Pro version – the trash bin eyes in 2013.

At first glance, the new Mac Pro looks extremely familiar to anyone who has been interested in the company's professional computer product line for years. Its metal square case, grip, and easy-to-expand and change components make people recall the heyday of professional desktops Apple sells for more than a decade. century, before launching a desktop model that was ridiculed by the world as "trash" in 2013. Even the shape-like air vents of the new Mac Pro look like one. repetition, not a completely new design on the previous generation.

In other words, to bring their most advanced Mac into the future, Apple is forced to return to the past, thereby implicitly admitting that their most recent design is an indisputable dead end.

This acknowledgment has been waiting for quite a long time. When Apple lifted the trash bin Mac Pro at the developer conference six years ago, Phil Schiller, the company's marketing manager, advertised it as a good example of how Apple could still create. groundbreaking products, even though critics insist the iPhone maker is just clinging to past success.

Apple's "trash" is a dead end

But that "trash" design quickly lost its glamor. Every year passed, Apple still struggled to update this computer. The life of the "trash" goes on. More than two years ago, the company officially acknowledged in a meeting with a select number of journalists that they made a mistake with the design, and said they were developing a new model. Initially, Apple plans to launch it last year, but then pushes back its launch date this year.

Apple finally replaced the trashy Mac Pro

Despite being aware of their wrong steps, Apple executives have not revealed any changes that may appear on the new Mac Pro in the future. No one knows what the new machine will look like, or which design line it will go towards. So no one knows how much Apple thought they made a big mistake.

With the new Mac Pro, everything is as clear as day.

Apple wants to solve the biggest problem with the "trash" model: almost impossible to expand or upgrade. While the new Mac Pro model released yesterday has an open design, users can easily remove the case to add or swap components, the created "trash" pattern is not much different from the product. Another Apple – it is designed so that users cannot touch the internal components. Like Apple has designed monolithic iPhones to make it more difficult to change batteries, the Mac Pro designer has made it impossible to replace components. Instead, the company hopes users will upgrade their Mac Pro by plugging in new hardware and accessories through its high-speed Thunderbolt ports.

But that is not an ideal solution for Mac Pro users. Video producers and game designers need to be able to replace graphics cards, boost RAM, add more hard drives, and countless other actions to ensure that the device meets the application and The content increasingly produces more data that they often work with.

Users cannot upgrade "trash", nor does Apple.

A small example of this situation: 4K movie editing – let's mention 8K already – often requires a lot of graphics and memory processing power compared to regular high-definition video editing (HD) . According to the "trash" Mac design, video editors cannot easily upgrade the internal components. And they can't buy new machines either, because Apple itself hasn't upgraded it yet.

With the new Mac Pro, Apple finally erased the design mistake they made six years ago - Photo 2.

The new Mac Pro looks a lot like the Mac Pro before "trash", like this one

The truth is probably the most hated silly thing about the "trash" design. It's so cramped that Apple itself realized that upgrading the products they made was impossible. Instead, they decided to abandon the old design completely and come back with something else that was much more warmly received.

If you are an Apple fan, this is really a hopeful sign. For many years, the company has consistently affirmed its position as a manufacturer with designs ahead of its time, and many times changed its appearance and feel.

Apple's philosophy has brought them remarkable achievements. They always launched flashy devices, creating the standard for the whole industry. But sometimes – like the "trash" Mac Pro and the G4 Cube earlier this century, and the perishable butterfly keyboard on the latest MacBooks – Apple is still lost.

If Apple can throw away the "trash", maybe one day they will also throw away the butterfly keyboard. Just hope so!

Reference: BusinessInsider

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