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With Messi, Barca is also difficult to stop Real Madrid

The leaders of the Catalan team can breathe a sigh of relief when Messi decides to stay at the club. But even the Argentinian superstar probably could not help Barca make it happen before rival Real Madrid.

For the Barcelona fans, their world almost collapsed the day Messi announced his departure, after 20 years of dedication to the Camp Nou team. Then when Messi appeared on Goal With the announcement of continuing to stick with the Blaugrana, everyone who loves this team as “dead over and over again”.

Yet, that kind of excitement only lasted for a short time until they realized a cruel reality: Barcelona is still a ruin.

The house must have a roof, but the Catalan team leapt from the roof. Internal faction fighting conflicts, dirty media cases with the direction of President Josep Bartomeu are what reminds people of Barca in the 2019/20 season, instead of the performance on the football field. usually.

Messi is alone in Barcelona. Photo: Getty

The team leader is engrossed in protecting his chair, the newly appointed head coach faces the risk of not being able to lead Barca because his predecessor, Quique Setien, has not been paid the compensation fee and is initiate a lawsuit. In the dressing room, to the biggest symbol that Lionel Messi wants to take off his shirt, what will the rest of the players think?

More importantly, how will that team face Real Madrid?

Los Blancos was also eliminated early as Barca in the Champions League last season, but not to the point of “shattered” as his great rival. In La Liga, the White Vulture is also a more brave name when there is a spectacular sprint with 10 consecutive victories to take the throne of Barcelona. That is a testament to a stable team.

Real is also not out of the influence of the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, which is the main reason leading to a strange summer transfer window when no recruits arrive at the Bernabeu. Even President Florentino Perez also made a profit for Real by selling stars like Achraf Hakimi, James Rodriguez and most likely Sergio Reguilon.

Readers' perspective: With Messi, Barca is also difficult to stop Real Photo 2

Real won Barca in the SKD match last season. Photo: Getty

Not adding a new signature does not mean that the “White Royal Family” will weaken, they could become even more frightening. In addition to the pillars that still maintain good form such as Karim Benzema, Sergio Ramos or Toni Kroos, Coach Zidane also calls about the prodigy Martin Odegaard, a very remarkable trump card.

This is only a brief analysis of Real’s situation but it is enough to see that they have much better team stability and depth than Barcelona. Gone are the days when Messi can carry a team, especially when he and that team have not in the same direction for a long time.

Anyway, for those who love Barca, watching the Argentinian superstar play every day is still happy. But Messi, with his endless dedication over the past two decades, is it worth bowing again to Real Madrid?

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