With iOS 7, how did Jony Ive completely change the design of Apple software products?

With iOS 7, how did Jony Ive completely change the design of Apple software products?

Jony Ive is famous for a series of great product designs for Apple, including the iMac, iPhone, MacBook … but maybe few people know he has completely changed the interface design of iOS. which is used until today, the story begins from iOS 7. Before that, Scott Forstall was the person who undertook the interface design for iOS with simulation style, floating interface and many complicated details. To iOS 7, Jony Ive completely dismissed, making iOS's interface more flat and simple.

iOS 7 launched in June 2013, according to Tim Cook, this is the biggest change for iOS since the iPhone. That's right, iOS 7 focuses on changing the look and color, if it is said to start from scratch, it is also not wrong. Since iOS 6, users have become accustomed to the simulated style interface, that is, trying to simulate real-life objects to include the most familiar interface system, for example, trash cans. , book cover with stitches for application notes … To better understand, you read this article again: https://tinhte.vn/threads/thiet-ke-phang-la-gi. 2114046 /

What is a flat design?


For months you may have heard a lot of flat design (flat design) when it was supposed to be the biggest change on iOS 7 coming out …


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Scott Forstall and Steve Jobs are a couple and Scott has done very well in terms of application design simulation style on iOS. In the beginning, people needed an interface most familiar to reality so that they were easy to use and familiar with functions, for example, Books application was an image of a real-life bookshelf with interface 3 afternoon, clear depth, or like a note application that simulates a notebook with horizontal lines and margins. It is a design that has been acclaimed because it brings familiarity in an era where people are still familiar with computers and complex graphic interface systems. However, it also began to arise when making things complicated, for example, in the Find My Friends app on iOS, for example, it does not enter anything when the interface is like a cover with two lines. thread.

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However, iOS and iPhone are so popular and familiar that anyone can use it, even a 3-year-old child, and there is no need to teach anyone to manipulate the touch interface anymore. Instead, the function of smartphones exceeds the screen size, it can do a lot of things, many features like on the computer. Therefore, to be able to interact with more complex features on the phone screen and keep these interactions from tangling, you must simplify the interface design language. And that's the reason that Jony Ive wants to get rid of the simulation design, he wants to "bring order to complexity".

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In October 2012, besides being the industrial design director, Jony Ive was assigned the leadership of Apple's Human Interface (Human Interface). And by June 2013, we have seen his influence on the interface of iOS with iOS 7 release. We see flat design throughout throughout iOS 7 since then, both on macOS. In addition to simple flat design, color palette and font also change, previously iOS used high contrast color tone but from iOS 7, the color has a fresher tone and the font is also slimmer. Initially, many people criticized iOS 7 for the color scheme, but perhaps over time it became familiar.

In addition, the graphical structure and navigation on iOS also received changes, it uses more features to meet the complexity of the features on each application. Can be seen most clearly in the card interface, you can swipe through multiple cards to switch through the browser tabs, which the previous simulation interface could not do.

In fact, Jony Ive's design language and his work have been present on the iOS interface (old iPhone OS name) since 2005 through an iPhone prototype design by Jony Ive's design department. Looking at this image, we can see many familiarities about its interface with iOS 7 and later, which are round dots for the wave column, music application interface, at least it is flatter than the design. Scott Forstall's iOS 6 back then.

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