With CTO Nokia criticizing the 5G device with many security holes, Huawei responded harshly - Photo 1.

With CTO Nokia criticizing the 5G device with many security holes, Huawei responded harshly

A few weeks ago, Nokia's Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Marcus Weldon had some share of the 5G network in an interview with British media. According to Weldon, "Huawei's 5G devices clearly have a defect, some problems are inadvertent such as security holes that have not been patched or updated …, but some are quite obvious. understand."

In addition, Weldon concurred with the US ban on Huawei. He said that the US "crackdown" with Huawei would make the market fairer because Huawei is always supported by non-transparent capital.

Finally, Weldon concluded that Huawei's 5G security is unreliable, betting on Nokia devices is a safer solution.

Weldon's statements as CTO Nokia were immediately noticed. Nokia also quickly made a formal statement on its website about this issue. Accordingly, Nokia announced what Mr. Weldon said was personal opinion, not representing Nokia's opinion.

At that time, Huawei only gave a brief announcement, saying that what CTO Nokia said was just a misunderstanding. However, recently the Chinese giant has had a more detailed, more severe response to this issue. "We do not bet, we create the facts," Huawei said.

First, Huawei rejected Weldon's argument that their device was not safe. Huawei said its products have been carefully inspected by safety agencies and are subject to the world's most stringent security monitoring and inspection. CTO Nokia itself has to admit that its equipment is not subjected to such careful inspection and supervision Huawei challenges Nokia to dare to provide the source code for safety tests like they have experienced.

Secondly, Huawei dismissed Nokia's CTO statement about their unfair competition in capital. Huawei thinks this statement is offensive and unfounded. Huawei's financial situation is extremely transparent, simple and fair, audited by KPMG and pressure from the US does not make the market fairer.

In the end, Huawei said Chinese technology had no problems at all. Huawei said its products use quality components from global suppliers. Only 30% of components are manufactured by Huawei and some of Huawei's European competitors also produce equipment in China. Nokia itself also manufactures equipment in China.

Huawei believes that Weldon's statements could hurt Nokia's reputation. "Nokia CTO believes it is safer to bet on Nokia devices but in Huawei we simply don't let customers bet on anything," Huawei concluded.

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