With a box office of over 6 billion? Q's true face is revealed, and Chen Sicheng's biggest "ambition" is also exposed

With a box office of over 6 billion? Q’s true face is revealed, and Chen Sicheng’s biggest “ambition” is also exposed

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The Spring Festival stalls officially started!

Since the Spring Festival file opened on February 12th, among the seven blockbuster films, “Detective Chinatown 3” has been a great success since its pre-sale. After its official release, the box office broke through 1 billion at 9:27 and broke in 27 hours. 1.6 billion.

At present, Mao-yan has given a total box office forecast of more than 6 billion for “Tang Detective 3”. According to the gentleman etiquette that the champion was taken away, Wu Jing estimated that he would start to want to “abdicate” the poster.

This movie, written and directed by Chen Sicheng and starring Wang Baoqiang, Liu Haoran, his wife Mu Cong, Tony Jia, Nagasawa Masami, etc., revolves around a bizarre secret room murder case in Tokyo.

From Bangkok, Thailand, to New York, USA, this time CRIMASTER detectives gathered in Tokyo, Japan.

To say that the biggest suspense of the third part is undoubtedly——

Who is Q?

Before uncovering its mystery, we saw that the whole movie had a “Tang Tan” inside taste, but also made many new attempts.

(There are slight spoilers below)

1. Are there more possibilities for “uncle-nephew detective”?

Qin Feng (played by Liu Haoran), a stuttering teenager with a genius memory, and Tang Ren (played by Wang Baoqiang), who is greedy, lusty, and nagging, this pair of tall and short uncles and nephews, from the first to the third, Continue to love and kill each other, full of laughter.

Whether it was after receiving a commission from the boss of the Black Dragon Association, Watanabe Katsushika (Miura Tomokazu), asking for compensation and letting three questions waste two;

In the process of saving Anna Kobayashi (Nagazawa Masami), she was knocked down by a sumo wrestler and asked to take care of her “aunt”:

“Help me take care of Kobayashi sauce, Axiang from Thailand, Yingying from America…”

Tang Ren, it really is you!

In previous cases, Qin Feng, who was always able to turn a good luck, seemed to be facing an unprecedented crisis in the duel with Q.

For many people, this wise boy has become the “incarnation of justice”, revealing one puzzle after another for us.

But in fact, Qin Feng’s role itself is not just one-sided. From his “prehistory”, his father was in jail for a crime, and he applied for the Criminal Police Academy to achieve a perfect crime. There is obsession.

From his experience, the third part is to save Kobayashi, arrested on suspicion of murdering Murata Akira (played by Someya Masata), or facing the instigation of Japanese policeman Naoki Tanaka (played by Asano Tadanobu) in prison, It makes us realize–

Qin Feng, he can also choose evil.

Just as Qin Feng chose to kill a person to achieve the breadth in the game, saying that “realization of justice requires sacrifice”, excessive rationality will lead to cold blood, and Tang Ren may be an indispensable touch of warmth in his life. .

Although this movie has the addition of Notian Hao (wife Mu Cong) and Tie Hanhan Jack Jia (Tony Jia), who cooperated with Qin Feng tacitly, as Tang Ren said at the end:

“Do you know where you are better than them?” “Me!”

Qin Feng and Tang Ren’s relationship with the “uncle-nephew detective” deepened again.

2. How else can international elements be presented?

From the crowded streets of Bangkok in the first to the modern streets of New York, the third is undoubtedly richer in Japanese elements.

There are not only ninja, kendo, sumo, but also the culture of the second element, the Obon festival and other cultures. All the impressions of Japan in your mind are packaged and broadcast, which is dazzling.

But for the third part, it is not limited to a landscape presentation of Japanese culture, but has many ingenuity in it.

As the fourth film in the world to be shot with ALEXA IMAX cameras, the big scenes in the film have been improved visible to the naked eye.

There are hundreds of people fighting at the airport where the scheduling is more complicated; there is a huge burning of money in the world’s busiest streets of Shibuya;

There is also Jack Jia with one to ten; and Tang Ren walking through the crowd, climbing over cars, and hanging up balloons.

It can be said that the combination of action elements and Japanese style, coupled with the original reasoning of Japanese secret room murder, is still eye-catching.

For the third part, the most obvious is that this time the exotic style has more “human touch”.

“Flower Butterfly” Noda Hao is no longer a withdrawal tool for the emotions, and the sympathy with Qin Feng provides another possibility of brotherhood;

Murata Akira, a condemned prisoner in black, appeared like a ghost. He traded his life and handed all his property to the illegitimate daughter;

And the black dragon society boss Watanabe Masaru, the contradiction with the chairman of the Southeast Asian Chamber of Commerce, and the delicate relationship with the Japanese police reveal the current situation of Japanese society;

In addition to the glamorous lawyer Yoshiko Kawamura (Honami Suzuki), the film gave Anna Kobayashi more highlights.

As a post-war orphan of the Japanese “Pioneering Group”, Kobayashi, who is the biological daughter of Katsumi Watanabe, began to avenge his father due to his abandoned past.

Whether it is the desperate Katsushika Watanabe who has to follow the patriarchal will, or the life experience of the helpless mother and daughter, this is not only the tragedy of a Japanese family, but also the epitome of the tragedy of the era of war.

It can be said that the presentation of Japan in this movie has a broader sense of depth.

3. What does it mean to reveal the true face of Q?

Following the “Bangkok Gold Murder Case” and “New York Five Elements Serial Murder Case”, the detectives in the “CRIMASTER World Detective Rankings” appeared one by one, and “Tang Detective Universe” emerged, and the number one Q became the most mysterious figure. .

Whether it is Song Yi (Xiao Yang) in the second part, or Murata Akira, the death row prisoner in the third part, there is no doubt that they are inextricably linked with Q.

It was not until the appearance of the police officer Naomi Tanaka that Q’s true face finally surfaced.

It turns out that Q is really not a person, but an organization, and Song Yi and Tanaka Naoki are just one of them.

In a peaceful world, undercurrents are always surging. For Q, the most perfect crime is simply being able to retreat by all means, and this often means monopoly of power, knowledge, wealth and other aspects.

To put it bluntly, Q represents more like a “cult” that represents minority elitism.

When Kiko (Shang Yuxian) and Sinuo (Zhang Zifeng) in the “Tang Detective” series of movies, Lin Mo (Qiu Ze), IVY (Jining Zhang) and the “Five Great Soul Boys” in the web dramas appeared one by one, This undoubtedly reveals Chen Sicheng’s greatest ambition-

The Justice League is assembled, and the war of the century has officially begun!

If there is “Avengers” in Hollywood in the United States, then China’s “Chinatown Detective League” has finally revealed its edge.

With the release of 0 in the film, the BOSS-level Andy Lau appeared in real life, how many surprises are there in the “Tang Detective” series?

In general, “Tang Detective 3” has both action scenes and funny elements, but also pleasing and exotic. Although the reasoning is slightly weak and various elements are mixed, the entire IP has formed an irreplaceable strong style. It is completely tailor-made for the Spring Festival.

Perhaps, every year in the future, we will often think of this sentence:

During the Spring Festival, “Detective Chinatown” is indispensable!

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