'Witch stone' re-appears after mysterious disappearance in the US forest

"Witch Stone" re-appeared after mysterious disappearance in the US forest

Famous stone, weighing up to 1 ton in Prescott National Forest in Arizon State, USA suddenly re-appears after nearly a month of mysterious disappearance.

Prescott National Forest Management Board said a ranger on patrol recently discovered the huge rock, the "Witch's Stone" has reappeared in its long-standing location after Many "evaporation" days without a trace.

Many tourists like to take photos with the Witch's Stone in Prescott National Forest. Photo: US National Forest Administration

"We are delighted that the Sorcerer's Stone has re-emerged and thanked anyone who awakened his conscience to return it to the public," said Sarah Clawson, Bradshaw County Ranger.

Forest management said the black rock with streaks of white quartz has special significance for local geological enthusiasts. The "giant" rock located near Highway 89 attracts many tourists to take photos.

According to CNN, the mysterious disappearance nearly a month ago of the Sorcerer's Stone made the forest rangers extremely confused. Since the weight of the rock is up to 1 ton, which is equivalent to a small car, moving it certainly requires a lot of effort.

US law stipulates that it is illegal to remove minerals from national forests without a license. Violators may have to pay a fine of up to $ 5,000 (more than VND 116.3 million) or a 6-month prison sentence or both of the above penalties for failing to return stolen minerals. This may be the reason why someone decided to return the Sorcerer's Stone after having "borrowed" it for some time.

However, the famous rock may not continue to be in the same place. Prescott Forest Management revealed it was considering putting the Sorcerer's Stone to a new, more prominent position so that more visitors could easily access it.

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