It is against the law for the Wisconsin Elections to allow self-filling of the ballot paper
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Wisconsin ordered the recount of two counties at the request of the Trump campaign

Wisconsin Election Commission on Wednesday evening November 18 (US time) issued a recount order in two counties at the request of President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

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According to The Epoch Times, Wisconsin Electoral Commissioners during a video conference on the evening of November 18 argued for nearly 6 hours before agreeing to order a recount in the two counties as suggested by the war. translate Trump.

Election Committee members debated changes to documents guiding local election officials on how the recount is carried out.

Democrats say changes to the document will ensure the instructional information is consistent with current state law. But Republicans argued that these guidelines should not be changed after the Trump campaign submitted a recount.

Finally, with the objections of three Republican members, the Wisconsin Election Commission did not mention this guide in the order to conduct the recount.

The day before, the Trump campaign filed a petition for recounting in Milwaukee and Dane counties over allegations of election fraud such as illegally altered absentee ballots, absentee ballots being sent. go against the law and election officials give illegal guidelines for bypassing the voter ID law, among many other anomalies.

The Trump campaign remitted $ 3 million to Wisconsin to cover the estimated recounting costs in the two counties mentioned above.

According to Decision Desk statistics, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden who currently leads President Donald Trump more than 180,000 votes in two counties was asked to recount. Across the state of Wisconsin, Mr. Biden is believed to be leading Mr. Trump by more than 20,000 votes.

According to the recount order issued by the Wisconsin Election Commission, the counting of the votes will last up to 13 days (starting as early as November 19 and no later than November 21) and must be returned. Tally the ballots to submit the results to the Election Commission by noon on December 1.

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