Windows Store supports mod game

Windows Store supports mod game

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Microsoft silently integrates the ability to mod game on Windows Store and gradually improve your store.

A large store is present on nearly every Windows 10 computer, but for some reason, Windows Store This is a lack of many features that support the gaming experience. Among them, fame is the absence of mod support. So, many people thought that Microsoft had "taken their children off the market", but this giant was different from before. From carrying Halo Master Chief Collection Steam came to launch Xbox Games Pass for PC, Microsoft is gradually showing goodwill to gamers. And now, it seems Windows Store Coming soon with an important new feature: it will support game mods.

Pycorax, a Reddit user, has found the latest Windows update to be "sneaky" to add a new folder to Program Files called ModdableWindowsApps. Often, users tend to be annoyed when Microsoft adds new things to the PC without notice, but in this case, it seems the giant needs to be praised.

Details about the directory can be found on the Microsoft website, and it indicates the ModdableWindowsApps directory where applications can be copied so that users can modify the set file (for example, install mods for example). ) and only for certain games released by Microsoft or partners. Developers can use other directories to create mods, but ModdableWindowsApps will be the default directory.

So it looks like Epic Games Store is about to run after all Windows Store and know.

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