Windows 11 was bricked, Microsoft offered to please the community - Photo 1.

Windows 11 “hit the brick”, Microsoft offered to please the community

Microsoft officially announced the latest operating system Windows 11 on June 24, 2021. The company has also announced the minimum configuration and list of CPUs that support Windows 11.

Because it is not on the list of supported CPUs for Windows 11, many users’ PCs and laptops cannot install and run Windows 11. This makes them unhappy.

The explanation that the company gives about “blocking” old CPU lines from Intel Gen 8 and AMD Zen 2 and below is because the features on Windows 11 are best optimized with new hardware. Of course, if users “circumvent the law”, they can still install Windows 11 on older CPUs. However, this will cause the user’s performance or experience to drop below an acceptable level. And of course Microsoft does not encourage users to do this.

Windows users whose devices cannot install Windows because the CPU is not on the support list do not accept this explanation from Microsoft.

And to appease users’ anger, Microsoft recently suggested that it may “lower” the minimum requirements of Windows 11 down. Specifically, the company will check if devices running Intel Gen 7 and AMD Zen 1 CPUs are compatible with the newly released Windows 11 Preview build. If during testing, these CPUs work at an acceptable level, the company will add these two CPU lines to the list of official Windows 11-supported CPUs.

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