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Windows 10X on a Lumia 950 XL smartphone, it’s possible!

A few years ago, Android and iOS weren’t the only two operating systems on the smartphone market. Indeed, Microsoft has long tried to extend its Windows platform to mobile, without meeting much success.

However, a Twitter user shared videos of the new version of Windows, Windows 10X, running flawlessly on an old Lumia 950 XL phone.

Windows 10X on smartphone – Credit: @ gus33000 / Twitter

We know Microsoft is focusing on the touch interface with its new operating system, and the experience on the Lumia is almost flawless. Recently, Windows 10X has leaked and is available for download. The operating system was originally scheduled to be rolled out in 2020, before eventually being pushed back to this year.

Windows 10X works great on smartphone

During the presentation of Windows 10X, Microsoft announced that it was primarily designed for devices with two screens, such as the new Asus Zenbook Duo 14 Tiger Lake that we were recently able to test. However, Microsoft subsequently confirmed that Windows 10X would be available on single-screen laptops, and we were already talking about the possibility of seeing smartphones running under this version.

Apart from a few bugs, Windows 10X works on the old Lumia 950 XL. This Lumia device was unveiled by Nokia in 2015, and we compared it to its main competitors, the iPhone 6s Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +. Internet user Gustave Monce even managed to get Windows Continuum to work on the phone, by connecting the application to his laptop.

As you can see in the videos below, the new operating system was able to adapt perfectly to the 5.7 inch screen of the Lumia 950XL. Even the taskbar and the new quick settings panel are functional.

Of course iThere is a bit of latency here and there given the age of the smartphone and the still unstable version of Windows 10X, but it’s still impressive to see a properly functioning desktop operating system on a phone. Such a powerful version could perhaps have avoided Microsoft from burying Windows Phone permanently in 2019.

Source : @gus33000

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