Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

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Windows 10 allows you to use a variety of keyboard shortcuts to help you with your repetitive PC activities and tasks. The shortcut keys allow you to increase your productivity. By mastering the key combination, it will be much easier to perform certain actions on the computer.

  • Classic keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10

  • Shortcuts with other keys

  • Keyboard shortcuts for creating and managing desktops

  • Keyboard shortcuts for the game bar

Classic keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10

Windows + THE: open the Action Center

Windows + s: open the search engine from the Start menu

Windows + D: show and hide the desktop

Windows + comma (,): temporarily view the desktop (while the Windows key is pressed)

Windows + AND: open File Explorer

Windows + I: open Windows 10 Settings

Windows + K: Enable the Connect with other devices feature

Windows + H: open the Dictation feature

Windows + L: lock your computer or switch accounts

Windows + P: open the project resource

Windows + R: open the Run utility

Windows + X: open the Quick Link menu

Windows + U: open Screen settings

Windows + W: open the Whiteboard functions and capture the entire screen

Windows + V: open the clipboard history

Windows + F: open the Comments Hub

Windows + 1 (and other numbers): display the programs (fixed or open) from the taskbar in order, from left to right

Windows + + (more) and (less): zoom in and out of the screen, respectively

Windows + left arrow: attach the window on the left side of the screen

Windows + right arrow: attach the window on the left side of the screen

Windows + Up arrow: maximize the window

Windows + down arrow (or M): minimize the window

Shortcuts with other keys

Alt + F4: close the window or program in progress

Alt + space-bar: show the window menu in progress

Alt + Tab: switch between open windows

Ctrl + Alt + Del: activate the options screen when software or PC crashes

Ctrl + Shift + Esc: open the task manager

Shift + F10: replace right-click in the open window

Keyboard shortcuts for creating and managing desktops

Windows 10 allows the user to create calls virtual desktops, that is, reproductions of your desktop where you can open software and browse the internet in an environment totally independent from the rest of the processes running on the computer. See the keyboard shortcuts associated with this tool:

Windows + Ctrl + D: add a virtual desktop (you can create as many desktops as you want)

Windows + Tab: open the Task View and manage your desktops

Windows + Ctrl + F4: close the virtual desktop that is open

Windows + Ctrl + left and right arrows: switch between created virtual desktops

Windows + Shift+ left and right arrows: move open software from one desktop to another

Keyboard shortcuts for the game bar

Despite its name and even featuring the Xbox symbol, the game bar is not available exclusively when you are running a game on the PC. This feature is also useful for record your computer screen to create a tutorial or even save the step by step of a procedure you want to memorize:

Windows + G: open the Game Bar

Windows + Alt + G: record the previous 30 seconds on the screen

Windows + Alt + + R: start recording (press the shortcut again to stop recording)

Windows + Alt + Print Screen: take screenshots

Windows + Alt + T: show or hide the recording timer

Windows + Alt + M: enable or disable audio recording (microphone)

Click on Microsoft’s Keyboard shortcuts in Windows page, in English, to see the complete list of Windows 10 shortcuts.

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