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Windows 10 is about to have a Chrome update that will use less RAM

Chrome has historically been known to be the “monster” that consumes the RAM of the computer, but many people still choose this browser because of its synchronization, speed and other useful features. However, sometimes opening multiple tabs in Chrome makes the computer significantly slow down, especially for those with low memory, which makes us very uncomfortable.

However, the above nuisance will soon be overcome. According to the latest announcement from Microsoft, the Windows 10 May 2020 Update will contribute to improving the Heap memory. This update will help browsers like Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox consume less RAM than before. This can be considered as good news for gamers who own a weak PC.

As a homegrown product, Microsoft Edge will be the most improved browser in this update. According to preliminary assessment, Microsoft Edge’s memory usage will be reduced by 27% compared to before.

Similar to Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome will also be significantly improved. As explained by Chromium engineer, applying Microsoft method can help Chrome reduce memory usage to hundreds of MB during operation.

As expected, the above improvements will soon be released through Windows 10 May 2020 Update.

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